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Energizer’s new Qi-enabled single-zone mobile device inductive Charger

The battery company Energizer has been one of the leaders of the market when it comes to long life and innovation with batteries. They already unveiled their cordless induction charging systems that allow for multiple devices to be charged at one time just by laying them on the plate.

Now the company have announced their new line which is Qi-enabled which means any device case with Qi support would be chargeable on the single zone plate. By making the wireless charger single zone it makes it convenient for office workers as takes up less room.

The news is thanks to an article over at Slashgear which explains how the larger plates took up much more room but it meant multiple devices could be charged. With this smaller plate it can fit on most limited space surfaces.

This new line is expected to be showcased at CTIA along with several other new Energizer products including a DC Universal car charger, universal USB wall adapter and a travel adapter with integrated iPhone dock, dual USB outlets, three AC outlets and a nightlight.

What do you think of Energizer’s new line of products? Let us know in the comments below.



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