Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim: New Gameplay Features and Magic Info Update

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2011

We have some good news for all you Elder Scrolls fans out there, as some new gameplay details from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have emerged, and they are details that you may not know about yet. We’re talking about the return of enchanting weapons, the inclusion of brand new magic, and more.

Firstly, fans of Oblivion will be pleased to hear that the enchanting ability will once again be featured in Skyrim. If you dont know, this allows the player to create magical spells to be equipped onto any weapon, armor or accessories. It was one of the main abilities in previous games so I personally am pleased to see it’s coming back.

On to something new, and we can tell you that one of the new magic abilities is called Dragon Shouts, as detailed over at GamenTrain. As most of you will know, Skyrim will introduce dragons into the game, and killing one in game will allow you to capture it’s soul. Once you have acquired a soul, you can use it to unlock ancient codes that are present in various dungeons in the game, and then once you’ve done that you’ll then get to use the new ability – sounds interesting.

Another great thing about Oblivion was the freedom that players had away from the main storyline. We’re hearing that Skyrim will feature something known as the ‘Radiant Storytelling system’, which will change up gameplay dramatically based on the actions and options you choose for your player. This method obviously keeps the campaign unique to the player, unlike using the same formula over and over which gets boring over time.

What are your thoughts on the new information? Obviously, the most exciting part is the info about these Dragon Shouts. Hopefully we’ll have some fresh details on this particular aspect soon – who knows, maybe even a video if you’re lucky. Just to remind you, Skyrim is due out 11.11.11 – you can watch the latest trailer for the game in HD here in case you missed it last time.

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  • amazing can you use anything a weapon a weird idea i had coud you use a vase as a weapon

  • Stephen

    god i hope the magic is better than oblivion, i didn't see the point in wasting my life leveling my skills up to find i could barely cast more powerful spells than a rat

  • DeliciousCake

    seriously stop reposting old info and claiming it as new.


    The info is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO old…………………

  • Schwaa

    …aaaand the picture isn't even Skyrim….

  • Cole

    Why did you bother writing this? Who doesn't know this by now?

  • mark


  • Sam


  • sdsdsd

    More of what we already know…

  • Semm

    Old news is old.

    Like two months old

    • Gimp

      I completely agree. "On to something new……. bla bla bla Dragon Shouts." Ya, I've heard it all before, stfu.