Dragon Age 2 Champion Armor Guide Video

By Jamie Pert - Mar 21, 2011

We have been bringing you a lot of news about Dragon Age 2 coming up to its release, now that it is out a lot of people want to know how they can get the Champion Armor, which is why we’ve decided to post you a short and simple explanation alongside a video on how to get it.

First of all, the Champion Gloves can be attained at the beggining of Act 3 once you have become the champion of Kirkwall by defeating Arishok.

Secondly, to gain the chestpiece, you need to go to Hightown during the day and find Hubert (who stands in the centre of the market), talk to him and he will have a quest for you. Upon accepting his quest you must go to The Bone Pit, where you will have to slay a high dragon, after this you can loot it and you will find the chest piece.

Next are the boots, for these you will need to go to The Gallows, you will need to speak to the templar and knight commander who can be found in the templar headquarters. You will need to accept the “On The Loose” quest and when you encounter Huon you must defeat and loot him.

The last item, the helm, can be found in the following quest “Best Served Cold”. You will encounter a mage called Grace who you will need to kill and then loot to acquire the final piece of the armor.

You may need to spend a little time getting through the story first to reach some of the challenges so patience is key here. The video can be viewed below on how to get the armor, let us know in the comments section if you have managed to obtain it with our brief instruction guide and the short video.

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  • James

    I went to hubert but he had no quest?

  • Pigeon

    I'm on act 2, I've already defeated the dragon in the Bone PIt, is the chest there a locked one, cause my rogues are all pretty crap so if it was above standard difficulty I wouldn't have opened it, so does that mean I've lost the armour?

    • Guest

      This is a different dragon – a High Dragon – in a quest that doesn't come about til Act 3 called "mine massacre." Much tougher than Act 2 dragon. And, armor is looted of the Dragon's corpse, so no lockpicking needed.

  • Khaydog

    If you want the breastplate, make sure you have upgraded your companions and have fire protection on your self and all of them. Also make sure you have slotted cold damage runes in your whole parties weapons or you are hosed, and in for a big disappointment.

    • namesarefornoobs

      you could also downgrade the difficulty to casual 😉 if this is ok for your ego ofcourse

  • Alestair

    Personally by the time I got there on I think normal on my first playthrough was hour 28 or 30 at the earliest. Like Crimus said it's dependent on diffuculty and how many quests you do. I personally like to try finding all the quests I can but even with that I missed a load of them my first playthough.

  • Crimus

    don't take the video makers word on how the 12-15 hours of game play claim. To many factors, such as difficulty level and how many of the side/companion/secondary quests you do. Playing on nightmare and exploring as much as I could every time I could resulted in my first piece of champion being found at hour 78 of game play.