Crysis 2 Vs Killzone 3: Which has better Graphics?

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2011

So Killzone 3 is already out on the PlayStation 3 and Crysis 2 is set to follow it shortly at the end of March on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Talking about the PS3 version specifically, we’ve heard whispers that Killzone 3 is currently the best looking game on the console at the moment, but can Crysis 2 match it in the graphics department?

If you have been keeping up to date with the PS3 release of Crysis 2, you’ll know that there was some controversy surrounding the demo release and the fact that Crytek decided to pull it, to iron out some technical issues that they discovered after releasing it.

Crytek has recently issued a statement to those who believe that the graphics featured in Crysis 2 aren’t as good as those seen on the Xbox 360. Here is what Executive Producer Nathan Camarillo said in a recent interview as reported from PlayStation Lifestyle:

”I’ve gone on the record saying that if you stick PS3 and 360 side by side I would challenge anyone to find any meaningful difference. I don’t see it at all.”

With that debate aside, we’ve found a useful video for you to take a look at which gives you an idea just how good the graphics are in Crysis 2. This video is taken from the PlayStation 3 version of the game. After watching it, let us know your opinions on the graphics. Are they really as bad as everyone is making out, or do you think they top those seen in Killzone 3? There are some early reviews for Crysis 2 here if you missed them last time.

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  • KillDick 3<Crysis 2

    For the love of pete, Killzone 3 Fans should just shoot themselves or jump off a cliff for trying to make their ridiculous game compare to the best graphical game series of the whole world.. CRYSIS 2 Obviously wins In gameplay, graphic and story plot, get over it retards. There are few bugs already fixed, you KZ3 cocksuckers are just way talking too quick, EA already started patching the common bugs of the game, so stop sucking dicks Jesus Christ. Crysis 3 On Hard Core with Max Resolution would overkill Killzone 3 already, point done.

  • killzone 3 sucks

    they should not even compare killzone 3 to a game that has the best fps graphics, crysis 2. Go play crysis 2 on pc with full settings and u will see how it murders killzone 3 graphics so u guys should not even not talk about killzone 3 graphics vs crysis 2

  • killzone 3 sucks

    Are u guys messed , go look up crysis 2 and killzone 3 on Google and you could see that crysis 2 murdered killzone 3 graphics. Crysis 2 murders killzone 3 in graphics and u guys r just comparing it on ps3 go compare on PC its is so sick. crysis 2 graphics is not good on consoles its meant for PC and on PC, u can see crysis 2's full highest graphics and resolution

  • semperfiordie

    Isn't killzone 3 that arcade game? consoles and their controllers ..hehehe

    No wonder they love COD too. Suckers!!

  • Enjoy91

    I have both games but from point of view, i think that both of these game were fantastic and enjoyable. There is a time that people enjoy playing games, not complaining about how horrible the game we played!!

  • Mr.MSG

    Killzone 3 is better and crysis 2 is not good.

  • MEDzZ3RO

    Crysis 2 is only in all these comparisons off the back of how good the original looked on PC. On consoles it looks nice, no denying that but it doesn't look visually better then Killzone 3. There are too many jaggies you just don't get in Killzone 3.
    Both are lookers though and good games in their own right but graphically on the PS3, Killzone takes it.

  • Mush

    I own both kz3 and crysis 2, kz3 has better graphics no doubt, but both games have amazing multiplayer, I would recommend both, graphics wise kz3 takes it

  • yo mama

    your all insane who cares about graphics its the gameplay and story i’m after besides give it a chance.

  • pkjk

    killzone 3 looks way better, they shouldn't even be comparing this.

  • Sam

    Yeah, they removed demo to fix it, even though the game is already gold and as been shipped. EA just got afraid of losing potential PS3 sales so they decided to make sure nobody would play the game until it's out. Sadly of people will be dumb enough to buy this piece of garbage on PS3. Killzone is of course a better made game. More solid framerate, better art, etc. Not even close. Crysis is washed out, the AI is HORRIBLE (could see some enemy running in the wall for like 5 minutes. Not seeing u even if you are in is face.

  • Comedykev

    Christ how old are you, is this website a console fanwar hub?? Grow Up FFS and act like a real journalist.