Crysis 2: Review of Intro, PS3 and Xbox 360 equal

By Chris Cook - Mar 21, 2011

The highly anticipated Crysis 2 is on the verge of release and although it doesn’t come out for another week or so there have releases of reviews from official games console magazines, Xbox Magazine and PlayStation Magazine.

As Alan from Product Reviews explains in his article these reviews do not disappoint and can be read in the latest copies of the magazines. What’s more interesting however is the response some of our readers have had in response to the news we have provided.

There has been a lot of debate surrounding performance and graphics of Crysis 2 on both consoles. Seemingly though it appears that both consoles perform equally. To back this point up one person who has commented on Alan’s article who calls themselves Sam, provides a comparison of videos from both versions and as you can see for yourself both look identical.

Sam’s comment reads:…

First link is the first 9 minutes of the PS3 retail version
Second Xbox. Just move the first video to 2min10 or so and you’ll be able to compare with the xbox version

As you can see, if you set your tv and PS3 brightness and color patern correctly, both game looks exactly the same. People that say otherwise are blind fanboysYou may notice that they have listed the links in the wrong order but you can view both by clicking above. What do you think of these comments? Do you agree that the game is equal on both platforms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Shades

    I am an Xbox 360 gamer and full offence to any of you 'blind fan boys' does it really matter if one looks better then the other (which of course is not true) they both work, just play don't compare and try to find excuses to argue with each other. 🙂

    • big tone

      agreed…enjoy the game scrubs!!!

  • Maximum

    Good to know that the ps3's version is phenominal and equal to the 360's because the demo for the ps3 was not up to my expectation. I will always wonder to myself why on earth did crytek release the demo with the game looking half done.

  • Pedobear

    Aside from Crytek announcing themselves that the console versions are EXACTLY the same, I watched the two videos side-by-side, and I can confirm that they are EXACTLY the same.

    There is no difference between the two. No AA difference, no texture resolution difference, nothing. They are the exact same game played on different consoles.

    I will be getting the PC version because of the better graphics and the fact that I am a better PC gamer than I am a console gamer.

  • Bear

    When looking at the ps3 version compared to the xbox I will look for differences such as, anti-aliasing, lighting, textures. The ps3 may have to compensate textures for a good frame rate. Now you all might think I'm a 360 fanboy but I have to console and I;m looking to purchase the best graphic wise also i prefer the xbox controller/xboxlive. one thing the xbox has over the ps3 is anti-aliasing and multi platform titles appear always better on the 360.

  • Bear

    The PS3 has always had frame rate issues and low textures on muli-platform games…xbox has a better GPU. Just look at RES was much better on the xbox, lighting wise and texture wise. If this was Killzone on multiplatform I would expect the ps3 to be better. Majority of games look better on the xbox, the xbox always has less jaggies (edges) and a solid framrate.

  • Tom

    Crysis 2 was said to be equal and it makes sense both games look identical considering their hardware capable of the same feats. Graphic wise, I believe the PS3 is more powerful as far as parallel processing, but the PS3 probably has better longevity. So anyways, fanboys, stop arguing, they look, play, and feel the same, Beat the campaign, kill people online, beat the campaign again, and lets move on with our lives.