Crysis 2: Final PS3 Version is Solid, Crytek proved right

By Chris Cook - Mar 21, 2011

Crysis 2 is about to hit the shelves of stores very soon and is promising to be a visual masterpiece. A lot of debate has surrounded its release recently regarding performance on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles over which is better.

We have been doing our best to keep you up to date with the debates and news and can now bring yet news about which console has the better performance this time with the use of video of gameplay footage on the PS3.

PS3 fanboys would have had a minor knock back recently with the multiplayer demo being released, finally, and then taken away again due to connection issues. Crytek have in the past said that both consoles will perform equally and challenged users to find a difference.

As the article at PSLS explains if you were one of the ones who were knocked back by the demo release, don’t be as Crytek claim it was an older build version. As you can see from the video below Crytek can be proud and stand by their word as the footage reveals even on the PS3 the graphics are impressive. Check them out for yourself.

What do you think of Crysis 2 so far? Which platform will you be getting it on? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • triggsy

    i think it looks brilliant. you got to remember the environments are a lot bigger and less linear than killzone's, so with that in mind i think its a massive acheivement.

  • frazer369

    I don't think the graphics are that great to be honest, there good but not amazing… Graphics on killzone 2/3 were in my opinion better than these. Not that the graphics mean much the gameplay seems a little stop and start as well. early days may be better to play than watch 🙂

  • Klatu Berata Nicto

    After a revealing article at, I will have to go with the xbox version. I like the PS3 just fine mind you, and actually prefer it for other types of games, but do to the screenshot comparison (PS3 vs Xbox) there, and the fact I like the hefty Xbox controller over the ultra-light dual shock 3 for my FPS's, it's the xbox for the win. That said, the differences are SO minor, that is is difficult to choose otherwise. If you only have one console, you'll be pleased either way.