Battle: Los Angeles Video Game – Reviews Uncover Short Length

By Tina Chubb - Mar 21, 2011

Back at the beginning of March we brought you news about the Battle: Los Angeles video game, which was due to be released on Xbox Live Arcade, Steam and the PlayStation Network this month. As some of you may already be aware, the movie-based FPS has now been launched on XBLA.

Although the game is yet to arrive on Steam and PSN, there are still a few reviews that we could go by. Judging by the two reviews we did take a look at, the game is pretty short lengthwise. In fact, Alexander Hinkley over at said he completed the Battle: Los Angeles game in around 45 minutes.

The first downside that Alexander pointed out is the sound, which he described as being awful. One of the first things he said players will notice when they play the Battle: Los Angeles game is the fact that the M16 hardly makes any sound whatsoever, and sounds like you have a silencer permanently attached.

Alexander, who gave the game an overall score of 3/5, also criticizes the game for having a serious lack of variety. Players are only equipped with three weapons throughout the entire game: a rocket launcher, a sniper rifle and the M16. He did however praise the game for its graphics and realism.

Damian Antony Seeto from the website also rated the game’s graphics, and said that the game does feature a lot of unlockables. Damian also touched upon the game’s length, stating that it only took him 40 minutes to complete the whole campaign. He gave the game an overall score of 2/5.

Have you played the Battle: Los Angeles game yet?

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  • Mesrianilaw

    I've watched the Movie Battle Los Angeles and it was a good one. I think creating a video game out of it is a good idea. Man vs Alien fight has never been boring.

  • iknowboutweapons

    thats not an m16 but an m4

  • Ben

    Ive played it for about 3 hours and im still nowhere near the end. Good game, looking forward to seeing what its like online once the games finished.