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AT&T Wireless Buys T-Mobile, Sprint Responds

As you may already have heard, a massive deal was struck recently in the world of wireless mobile carriers. The nation’s second largest carrier, AT&T is to buy the nation’s fourth largest operator T-Mobile USA in a deal worth $39 billion.

We have been keeping you updated with these latest events asking what the deal means for you the consumer and whether or not you are happy with the deal. In an article by Stacey Higginbotham at GIGaom which explains the deal in details, it also notes what Sprint had to say on the matter.

The new deal sees the combination of these already successful companies growing to be three time the size of Sprint. The company says if the deal was approved it would dramatically alter the structure of the communications industry.

Meanwhile over at the Sprint news forum there is a huge debate going on involving a lot of understandably distressed customers wondering where it leaves them standing and what Sprint intend to do about this. You can check out the forum for yourself and discover what people are saying.

For more details about the deal check out the link to GIGaom where you will find the full article also revealing what else Sprint had to say. What do you think of this acquisition? Does it affect you? Let us know in the comments below.



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