Angry Birds Rio: New Screenshots Show Improved Graphics

By Jamie Pert - Mar 21, 2011

If you are looking forward to the upcoming launch of Angry Birds Rio we have some must-see screenshots for you to check out, these show you just how much things have moved on since the first-ever Angry Birds game hit the App Store.

Five Angry Birds Rio screens were recently published on the official Angry Birds Facebook page (here), they appear to show improved graphics and more features than we have seen in previous games including “Boss Battles“.

We have embedded a couple of the screens towards the end of this post, one of which confirms that there will 60 levels and episodic updates, we’re sure that this will be another massive hit for Rovio.

If you want to play Angry Birds Rio on your Android device you will have top wait until it arrives at the Amazon App Store as it is exclusive to Amazon’s upcoming marketplace, no date has been given and we don’t know when it will arrive at the Apple App Store either.

Hopefully we will hear more regarding the game’s release soon, some rumors suggest that it may arrive tomorrow (22nd March 2011), however this has not been confirmed.

Are you impressed by the following screens?

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