3D TV Sales: Prices, bundles and deals not good enough

The take-up on 3D has been an interesting one, and there is no doubt that the brands are right behind the technology. One recent study by Best Buy has shown that the consumers really like the technology too, but consumers feel the 3D TV prices, bundles and deals are not good enough. What do you make of the 3D TV sales and other 3D products so far?

Before the Nintendo 3DS device comes out on the 25th, retailer Best Buy has been looking into what the UK’s thoughts are on the technology. According to an article on TechRadar by Marc Chacksfield, of the 2,000 people surveyed 48% still think 3D technology is too expensive. But that didn’t stop 70% of people who have had experience with the technology enjoying it.

Most of this experience was not sitting in the home watching a 3DTV, only 16% had watched 3D on a TV at home or someone else’s home. Head of Home Theatre and Entertainment at Best Buy UK, Rob Wilkins, said “We want to demonstrate to customers that everyone can get the most out of their technology to live a fuller, richer, faster, digital life.”

Best Buy is hoping to convince consumers that 3DTV is not overly expensive, and have found that prices are similar to HDTVs. We reported last month that 3DTV sales made up only a small portion of flat screen TV sales in the UK.

Have you been put off buying a 3DTV? If so what was the reason?


  • etype

    Glassless 3DTV won't come for years still. Yes, they can demo early tech but it has significant limitations. Like, only 1 person being able to view even a large screen in 3D at a time, and that 1 person being forced to keep their point of view in a sweet spot.

  • Dan

    Im waiting for glasses free 3d tv


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