Notion Ink Adam, better than iPad 3 release

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 20, 2011

Apple release yearly updates to most of their product line, and with each upgrade they are keeping themselves ahead of most competitors but is this enough? While Apple’s products are pretty slick, in our opinion, it’s true that they are far from perfect, and we know there are competitors, in most of Apple’s product lines, that have better products, so why are Apple still leading?

Marketing is Apple’s strong point, Steve Jobs and his team have managed to make most of their products cool, and most people want an iPod and not a copycat. You can find a better media player with higher specs for less money, but not everyone knows this.

One example is Notion Ink’s Adam, this tablet has an army of fans that have been dying to get their hands on the finished product, and those same people claim the device gives users the best package by far. It’s been stated that Notion Ink’s Adam gives those in the USA a tablet with no contract, the ability to play Flash media, amazing battery life, a massive amount of apps, a 4G WiMax chip, and is extremely cheap to buy. Some people claim it’s the true “2nd generation tablet” and will even be better than the iPad 3 release, which could even come later in 2011 (although that’s a hard rumor to swallow).

Rohan Shravan reported the latest on Notion Ink’s Adam and it’s progression in his last blog post, found here, that showed some impressive achievements and also explained the problems marketing the device to places like India.

Some people still think that the Adam is vaporware, and don’t even know the device has shipped to some people, although stocks are limited. Even if it’s true that this tablet beats iPad 2 and crazily an upcoming iPad 3, in specification terms, it’s the ability to get the device to market in large enough numbers which will stop Notion Ink taking on Apple.

It’s our opinion that the best products in the world are never those that sell the most, it takes a lot more than having the best kit, and the deals made behind the scenes are the answer to real success.

If you want the best tablet, do not aim for the most sold, shop around. Do you think the number of tablet’s sold by a brand helps in deciding which device you buy?

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  • varma

    don't no much about these things. just saw an adam looks great.first time i saw one.little bit of software upgrading and it seems to be ok.

  • Mahesh

    All you guys who have investested time and money in researching the best tablet in the market and choose Adam, you are right on. I also was an impatient and angry customer who was ready to pull my money back and cancel my order. I placed the order on Dec/09 and had not received my order untill end of March. Finally I received my Adam yesterday. Oh boy is it a cracker. As of today there is nothing close to this product out there. I am so happy. By the way, I am writing this on my new Adam. Still geting used to the touch screen keyboard.

  • Ernst

    Received mine today. Have been playing around with it for less than two hours and think it is a smart little fellow. Much lighter than an ipad, it is very easy to get used to and i won't allow it out of my sight anytime soon. The pxlq display is truly amazing and i long to see it in broad daylight. Thanks Notionink, for a great device. It was well worth the wait …

  • PO2 customer

    After many delays, I still don't know when the machine will be shipped. They took payment in Feb. The initial delivery date was 25 Feb – 10 Mar. They postponed it several times but never met the new date. The only products that NI has delivered consistently are missed deadline and false promises (remember Matte screen). The product did seem good initially, but competition is catching up. It seems NI on its way to suicide.

  • blodan

    Writing this from my adam that i received the 14 march (live in sweden), and have had no problem with it so far.

    As for some ppl actually thinking a brand new company with a young ceo with no experience will deliver on time, please think again. I wasnt expecting to get mine in the given timefame they released, and now that i have the product in my hands, it was well worth the wait.

  • Jaren

    Have the adam and it indeed is much better than the ipad2. Just wish it had a better LCD, but it was only 425 out the door so…..

  • terence

    Best part is it will be upgraded to honey comb.

  • Mr. Dixit

    Typical Indian hardware company. Give you lots of glitz and glam, but can never put out a real product because of mismanagement and Indian bureaucratic BS. You really want to see Indian hardware? Look at the Maruthi/Mahindra/Tata lines of cars. Many lemons. Seriously, I had hopes that this would be an up an comer, but shouldn't have kept my hopes up high. An IIT degree (or for that matter, a Harvard/Wharton/Yale degree) does not make you a sharp businessman.

    • hody_benky

      Really, Mr Dixit. Stop spewing ridiculous nonsense in the name of facts. Tats and Mahindras are giving enough competition to any of the wannabe's. I am an Adam customer and I am very happy with the product. Yes there are some challenges but spewing nonsense is not going to help. You are definitely not an Indian (Just check the spelling for Maruti), Guess a troll who has some complex opinion about education or the lack off. Have you driven a Maruti / Tata or have you gone to IIT or Harvard ? If so please opine a little more indepth on your peeve.

    • aschba

      Mr Dixit

      Isn’t it amazing most of the derogatory comments from indians only whether it is you/ rahul etc. have some pride and support indian companies and not just be derogatory about them.

    • nrnw

      Mr. Dixit__Will all due respect to you, what have you achieved in life, really? What gives you the right to talk down someone like Notion Ink who have taken a bold step and succeeded. They have managed to bring the product to the market, notwithstanding small numbers as it is yet to build its capability and capacity to mass-produce, which i am certain they will. I am a Pre-order 2 customer who has received his adam and is highly pleased. If you read this blog, you will notice a pattern – all NI customers who have received their adams are very satisfied while honestly acknowledging some of the software issues (which you will agree are relatively easy to fix via updates). Therefore, while NI is busy making adams, and customers are busy using it to improve their lives or entertain themselves, we have low lives like you spewing BS on blogs. Good luck, Mr Dixit. Hope YOU can achieve 0.0001% of what Maruti / Mahindra / Tata have already achieved.

  • DaveInCO

    I am writing this on my Notion Ink Adam tablet (serial number H83AW8110101***). I received it on March 14th and have been using it constantly since then. It is everything that it was promised to be. The LCD screen is bright and responsive and the battery life is more than adequate.

    The software is very close to being on par with the hardware. Eden is an interesting interface. Leaves take a little getting used to but once you do, it is very intuitive. But it will only get better.

    In my view, the support from the Adam community has been amazing. The device is easily rooted and not difficult at all to customize and make you own. But you don't need to if you don't want to. But the option is there. You can't permanently brick the device. You can easily undo any software changes.

    Those that get frustrated and bail on their orders are welcome to buy inferior hardware for more money right now. Isn't freedom great?

    As to whether or not the Adam has a 4G-capable chip inside, my understanding is that it is a software change, not a new chip. The Xoom shipped with 3G and is rolling out 4G now with the release of a software update.

    And rahul, "despicable"? Hyperbole much?

  • rahul

    Honestly, do your research. ADAM does NOT have a 4G WiMAX chip anywhere. Unless you are from the future and are talking about the future version of ADAM.

    I am a big fan of their design philosophy and despite their various debacles (preorders, non-extant customer service, lies and silence), I still prefer to stick with them, as they are the better product at the end of the day. But I will not sit and watch when such blatant misinformation is being spread. Mention of a 4G chip is bound to get you a few clicks and this sensationalism is despicable.

    • Rob

      HAHA @Rahul, when you don't have a clue,it is best to shut up.

  • Will Not By Again

    LOL. emails from notion ink to customers that ordered adam keep coming in. We asure you that you will be receiving a tracking number in the next 48 working hours. I really hope they don't run with our money. because they have extended the shipping date 12 times since most of us ordered on the second preorder. sorry to say it but they are destined to fail. And fail they will.

  • Interested Observer

    In the end the proof is in the pudding. Size should not matter if you can deliver!
    I have been watching the bits and pieces of news on the ADAM for a year now.
    Love the product concept and design, but in the end can't put down my money on something that only looks good when demonstrated.

    • I can promise you that, though the user experience is still quite rough, the Adam is more than worth its money.

  • DivinusFiliuS

    Let Notion Ink be the Super-Nerds(no pun intended) we need them to be and let them do what they do best – so far dream bigger and more passionately than Apple. Will these dreams be brought to fruition – I honestly think they will. The funny things is, while I am compelled to say that one cannot compare Apple thats been around for decades – well since the whole beginning of computer existence, with a company like Notion Ink – started by a couple of students couple of years ago – but you have to since they are in the same industry, and even though they are decades apart in experience and billions of dollars in the bank, Notion is better at what Apple does best – hence the table war for prominence! All I can say is wow, and BRING THE COMPETITION ON – better for my pocket ! I don't own any 'pads' as of yet but am a very close follower of the tablet and smartphone world for the past decade or so. Author's unfounded statements about Notion Ink are a bit immature, unripe, while PO2 Adam Customer's response is purely non intrusive, personal customer service fluke/fail credited to the still way too young a company facing incredible unknowns on a global scale that is Notion Ink. It really sucks that he had to go through such ordeal, but his conclusion is just as uneducated (as one really cannot know what is to come) as some of Authors statements. At this point, your experience and observations of the company don't account for much (of course they do for what you had to go through) only because it is too early even for worlds best and most experienced analysts to foresee what will happen with Notion Ink. When I look at the 'army of fans', which is totally backed up, and when I take the device and what it can do, and finally what it has already achieved and how the future will shape Adam (hints I've seen on Rohan's presentations), I'd say it looks brighter than Motorola's. Personally I'll wait till Adam 2 is complete with its Tegra 3 beast inside – can't postpone any longer 😛 Cheers !

  • Mikus

    Unfortunately, to date Notion Ink has been consistenly uninformative to specific customer requests – frequently queries are not responded to at all, or the response is only a general form letter (often advising waiting).

    As an example of Notion Ink keeping customers "in the loop": On Feb 14 I received an email telling me "Your Adam is on its way!". It is now Mar 20 – no tracking information – no Adam either. And mine is not the only case.

    • Obert

      Agreed. It doesn't even seem like a real company and I'm starting to have more doubts about its claims.

      • I have received my LCD Adam. And I can vouch for its existence. It was also delivered to me within the timeframe NI promised when I ordered (PO 2).

        Adam performs very well too. The stock software is very buggy and unfinished, so I have installed EdenX, which works fine for me. I am completely smitten with the thing. It’s great working on it.

        The specs are as advertised, however, and I have not been able to identify a single hardware problem. The software will be updated in time, so I am happy.

        Adam is genuine, but obviously NI is going through some major growing pains. Rohan is quite the visionary, but he lacks the experience to make his business fly. IMHO he needs to do three things:
        – Get back to the blog and keep everyone informed.
        – Give everyone who has not yet received their Adam (esp. PO1) the option to get their money back, with apologies, as well as a reasonable timeframe within which they can expect their Adams.
        – Hand over the CEO position to someone with better managerial skills, while keeping the position of president of the company, so he will still be able to push through his vision. That way, he can concentrate on what he’s best at: producing beautiful products for bargain prices.

        Rohan, I have a lot of respect for what you did. Please don’t allow your early successes to get the better of you. This has grown bigger than you can handle right now. Do as Larry Page has done: allow a suit to take over the stupid work and concentrate on creativity!


      I was a part of the very first pre-order, and it was very frustrating putting up with all of the delays. I think I had about 3 or 4 delays. I ordered my Adam on Dec. 9th, and didn't receive it until the end of February. I understand that Notion Ink is just a new startup, but if they don't work on these problems their great ideas will be overlooked.

  • PO2 Adam Customer

    It is true the Notion Ink is a better tablet, but just like you said, "the best products in the world are never those that sell the most." There are a lot of reason why Notion Ink will never be as good as Apple. First, they do not have the capital, nor the resources, to supply the demand. It is estimated that in the first week of sales, Ipad 2 sold 400,000 to 500,000 units and there are still more people waiting to buy the device. The Adam, probably only sold at most 5,000 units in Pre-Order 1 and 2. Apple has a better means of delivering their product, they have better customer service, and last and most importantly they have built consumer trust.

    I predict Notion Ink will be gone in a year. The main reason, because they shot themselves in the foot having 2 pre-orders and messing them both up. Notion Ink makes promises and break them. They make excuse after excuse and put the blame on others. For pre-order 2 (which they never should have had, they should have stuck to one preorder and then produced enough units to sell to others) they set a time frame date of Feb 20-March 3. When March 3rd came, they said wait the next day. And then they said Wait until the 5th. Then they said wait until Monday, March 7th. They stall and they stall, they lie and they lie. They have said numerous times they have shipped devices, then they say they are out of stock on a device they already shipped you. They are killing the trust of there customers and this is why they will never beat apple. People want to buy a product from a company they trust, and a company that will be around to fix a problem if they have one.

    I ordered an Adam, and because of this broken trust, I am going to put in on eBay when I finally get it (which still looks like I am months away from receiving). I can not support a company that lies and seems to have lost the energy to care about its customers. This company is already in flames and falling fast. I do not want to be stuck with a product with no support.

    Rohan, if you read this, get your butt back on your blog and start soothing you customers, they are very upset with you.