iOS 5 Release: Revamped Notifications Tops Flash In Most-Wanted

By Jamie Pert - Mar 20, 2011

Recently we posted an article which featured a poll asking our readers which features they would like to see when Apple iOS 5, we thought that most people would like Adobe Flash, however this is not what our readers have said.

At the time of this post the poll suggests that revamped notifications is the feature which our readers want the most, it currently accounts for 26% of the votes, whilst Adobe Flash comes a close second with 25% of the votes.

Other features which our readers want include wireless syncing (16% of the votes) and an Android-like lock screen (11% of the votes), the poll also suggests that people are not too bothered about music sharing or a new auto-correct system.

Apple has previously stated that Adobe Flash will not be coming to iOS, therefore let’s hope that we get some revamped notifications, if not we are sure that there will be plenty of disgruntled iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch users.

Are you surprised by the results of our poll?

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  • nick

    What I want as a notification system:

    When A new notification is received the status bar will glow red, and a icon will appear to the right of the time, with the number of new notifications.

    To read the notification, you will go into the multi tasking bar, and there at the front (always at the front, like airprint) will be an icon with number of new notifications, tap it and your list will pop up, with links to the apps that they are from, new ones highlighted.

    that would be awesome

  • James

    People only didn't say no flash because they feel they have no hope maybe?