Gay Cure iPhone App: Apple Controversy

By Gary Johnson - Mar 20, 2011

Apple has opened itself up to attack after it has approved a Gay Cure App for its iTunes Store. The application at the centre of the controversy claims to help users find freedom from homosexuality.

Jane Fae Ozimek from The Register is reporting that an organization which fights against anti-gay religious extremism, Truth Wins Out, has launched a petition asking Apple CEO Steve Jobs to remove the app. The Exodus International ministry is responsible for the application.

People who sign up for the petition also get a letter which states “Apple has long been a friend of the LGBT community”. It goes on to say how Apple has supported the community, and earns a 100% score from the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index.

Since the petition was started last week it has already received 17,000 people signing up to it, but as word of the app spreads this figure is set to rocket. Those responsible for the app claims to be “the world’s largest ministry to individuals and families impacted by homosexuality”.

Exodus International on its site claims homosexuality is outside “God’s will”. The app last week has been given a 4+ rating from Apple on the App Store. TWO are disgusted with the app and have described it as unacceptable, and want it removed immediately.

They feel as Apple would never allow anti-Semitic or racist apps, allowing this anti-gay application Apple are guilty of double standards. Apple was faced with a similar situation last year with an app which was against gay marriage, but they sided with gay rights and removed the app.

Do you think Apple should remove the app from the iTunes Store?

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  • Sam Chua

    We need an App to cure stupidity though.

  • Tim

    Pleas help me understand what special treatment gay people ask for. We ask for the right to marry, to show affection in public, to not be discriminated against. I think straight people want these same things. In fact they have these things. They can marry, they can hold hands, and if they are discriminated against on the basis of religion, gender, disability, race, they have laws to protect them We want equal treatment, not special treatment. And because people petition apple to get rid of the app, that is no different than evangelicals petitioning a couple years ago to get the TV show about the Episcopal priest with the gay son, "The Book of Daniel" taken off the air. Of course it wasn't episcopalians who were protesting. They were busy trying to extend those equal rights to gay people.

  • lensman

    Remove the app!! I’m not gay, but I have respect for all communities.

  • Lunias

    My question for all you is this: Why is it that whatever you don't like must be wrong? Do homosexuals deserve special treatment? Are your opinions more right than everybody else's? If you want others to broaden their horizons and prove them wrong, then be more mature than this. I see no problem with homosexuality besides that many think they deserve special treatment just because of their views and actions.

  • jesus fuckin christ

    hahahahahahaa awesome

  • K8sMum

    what's needed is a freedom from religion app…one that will go off when a believer who means well but KNOWS all the answers tries to stuff it down one's throat. (no pun intended). it goes off really loudly when anyone equates homosexuality with pedophilia and rape….

    please, i beg of you daniel: try to educate yourself as to the causes of homosexuality. it is not a choice. it's been proven that it is nature not nurture (god-given, in your terms). ignorance is a very dangerous thing.

  • Daniel F

    This is a great app trying to salvage people who have had their correct thoughts lost from our distorted modern society. This will help steer people on the right course. I think apple shouldn't remove this app they should mass promote it. I'd also like to see a Pedophile and rapist freedom app, to help our society correct itself. Comparing this to anti-Semetic app is pure insanity.

  • You shouldn't care

    I think the app should stay, I'm not overly religious, and a hetro sexual with a number of homosexual friends. It's an app, it's not something that you HAVE to have, it's not something that will download AUTOMATICALLY, it's something YOU as a user would have to download YOURSELF. Bottom line, who the hell cares, if you don't want the app don't download it, like a homosexual above said, he'd download it just to laugh at it.

    There are religious establishments all over the world which have been set up to tackle the homosexual "issue" and haven't been closed down, so why should something to do the same be tackled and closed, when its not forced upon someone?

  • normalguy

    just remember, deny it all you want, but after your dead and burning in hell for your sins, you will see that it was satan that led you gays down the path

    • K8sMum

      and you will be rotting in the ground. meh.

    • Lunias

      And who was it who said that loving God with all your heart and loving your neighbor as yourself were the most important commands of God? Yeah, that was Jesus. I find it sickening that other Christians think they can tell you who is condemned while acting so righteous. Revelations 21:8 also condemns "the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars". If gay people are "sexually immoral" and don't deserve to be in Heaven, then neither does anybody else; for haven't we all lied before? If we are liars, yet have accepted the Lord and Savior, then we get to go Heaven; so, why are liars somehow better than the sexually immoral? For the Bible also said in James 2:10 that "For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it." Lying is just as bad as sexual immorality, and by this logic nobody may possibly inherit the kingdom of God. What makes you and I so special that only we may go to Heaven, while those who are homosexual must rot in Hell? You are exactly the type of hypocrite I hate the most.

  • Emilie

    Apple people are deranged and sick! This application ''How not to be gay'' is disturbing and insulting. They should remove it, you don't ''choose'' to be gay or not! I'm not gay but i do have many gay freinds and there is nothing wrong with them. Apple is homophobic and i cannot believe this application! I will never purchase something from apple again in my life, i hate their vision of life. Screw those pieces of shit. They will loose a lot of customers in this battle, many many of them are gay and still will be, but they won't be customers anymore!

  • Joe

    I hope I'm not being insensitive when I say this… My cousin is gay and I hang out with him all the time since he's extremely funny and always has great stories to tell. Plus, I've known him all my life.

    Now, when you see this, you don't HAVE to respond to the application. If you're gay and proud, why care about this shit? Half the country is already at political war about gay marriage. An app that LET'S YOU CHOOSE to download it or not that is supposed to help you abstain from homosexual relationship/etc is being removed because people find it offensive. Hell, I found that Alexandra Wallace girl offensive but I didn't send death threats to her like the other thousands of idiot Asians in UCLA. If you're gay and take offense to this, just don't download it. I'm sure on the iPhone you can block/ignore applications easily. Because there might be an individual still self-conflicted that wants to find out for sure if he/she is gay or is just indecisive on the matter. Bicurious I guess.

    I saw some comments of how they wouldn't put racial apps, etc on there. Racial slurs have existed through pop music for ages. If you don't like the fact they keep putting the n word, just don't listen to it. Simple as that. I mean, I do hate the whole conquest Christians are trying to do with the gay community. It's disgusting, especially the protesters called God Hates ***s.

    Take this for example. If I studied traditional ninjutsu martial arts, and I found an app (a ninja game to be more exact); AND let's say I found it offensive. Why? Because it demeans the principles of a highly valued art and it demeans Asians with such stupid graphics.

    If this Gay Cure app offends you, don't bother with it at all. Don't give it any attention. As time goes by, it will die because no one but the gay or bicurious would get this app and you've made it pretty clear you don't like this app. Which means there's no customer base for it, and it will die. All it takes is patience. For instance, you wanna keep jobs available for everyone in the local stores? Don't buy from Walmart. It's no different. All it takes is a little self-control. I feel that your efforts are far more significant and necessary if it was supporting gay marriage or law reformation in how homosexuals are viewed.

  • Stop This Nonsense

    Apple is helping to promote ignorance and bigotry by choosing to offer this app. There is nothing wrong with being gay. Talking about a "cure" suggests it's something bad or evil. There is zero evidence that someone can be turned from gay to straight with counselling. This misconception leads to further bigotry and discrimination in our society, because bigots and many closeted self-loathing individuals, think that others could or should be just like them. This is a wrongful moral decision and its also a bad business decision. There is a larger number of non-homophobic bigots today, especially among youth who are tech-savvy. Deciding to approve this app, is bad for apple's business reputation. It will compromise the bottom line of profit.

  • Break Free Now

    keep the app. however, noted that whenever there are discussions on lesbian and homosexual, these gentlemen & ladies often got violent and aggressive.

  • TommyAMO

    well I'm a huge advocate of democracy and freedom. But in all honesty, I find that cracking down on those who criticize homosexuality goes against the principles of democracy and freedom. Those who oppose homosexuality may genuinely feel that this act is indecent or can negatively impact their community. If that's the case, they should have all the right to express their opinion in what they find to be for the betterment of the society. They aren't threatening or killing anyone. And if all are forbidden to express their opinions with regards to such matters, then we might as well make everything acceptable; from pedophilia to polygamy. The voice of the opposition is necessary for a balanced and decent country. If for example a "naturist" movement suddenly rises that calls for allowing nudity in public places, i would love to think that I'd be able to fight against it, because I truly believe such a thing is indecent and/or harmful to society.

    • TheZip-

      Now substitute the word "blacks" for "homosexuality" in that statement.

      Feel a little dirty? Or is your bigotry consistent throughout?

      If you oppose homosexuality, don't engage in it. Your options in a free society END THERE.

    • Stop This Nonsense

      Constitutional protection for free speech only mean the GOVERNMENT can't violate your free speech. Apple is a private business and does not have to feature every app. Yep, TommyAMO, you got the pedophilia and polygamy diversions in there too! Those are always used when one doesn't have a rational justification for their homophobia(in other words, these are always used).

  • A-Dubble-U

    Let it go. It's like TV. Don't watch that channel if you don't want to.

  • Lurk

    I'd like to create an app that offered support to people who are brought up in religious communities but wanted to be FREE of their compulsions, promoting LOGIC and REASON and a greater UNDERSTANDING that there are many different kinds of PEOPLE in the world.

  • justsomewalker

    in the bible god says that its not right for a man to be with another man. but is it wrong. i think that you should be with the person that ur happiest with.discrimination againt things like this is wrongand pointles.

    • nimo1981

      It also says
      “‘Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material."
      “‘Do not eat any meat with the blood still in it."
      ‘Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard"
      “‘Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God"

      I don't see an App for any of those in the App Store. It always makes me laugh how these bible thumpers have such selective reading.

      Its from Leviticus 19:19 incase your wondering 😉

  • fruition

    I would like to see an app that helps straight people turn gay! I feel enslaved by my straightness and maybe the only way to salvation and relief is to turn very very gay.

    • guest

      haha i love it! what a ridiculous argument tho – that gayness is an affliction and the only normalcy in any sense of the word is straight, married, with 3 kids (and probably white too).

  • Charles price, you are an ignorant fool. Don’t you know that homosexuality in animals is actually an argument FOR animals? Last time I checked, my male dog humped me as well as other male dogs. Don’t like gay marriage? Then don’t get one and leave us alone.

  • david

    The opposers of this app do not want to force people to be gay but rather do not want an organisation like exodus to prey on vulnerable people who acutely feel the homophobia and societal dissaproval and bigotry towards homosexuality that groups like Exodus peddle. The sort of people who want to desperately try to change their sexuality. It is many christian sects which wish to force people to be heterosexual by making it as difficult to be gay as possible You should not judge people by your own agenda. Do you not find it ridiculous that many claim that sexuality is a choice yet people who desperately want to change need to struggle in these programmes for years. If it's such a choice why don't they just make it in a second and be done with it. What gays are afraid of is that other people will go through the same experience as them of wanting to and failing to change their sexuality and feeling bad about themselves. That they will be disadvantaged and traumatised by having to deal with such and intellectual and personal crisis apart from all the other things all of us deal with day to day. No matter how much I want to change my height it isn't going to happen now that I'm fully grown. There is not a cure for being gay. No matter how many times heterosexual Christians who know nothing about being gay insist that there is. In your delightful land of the free there is not the universal freedom for gay men and lesbians to marry, people are not free to follow their hearts while there are bigots around who deny their love and denigrate and ridicule and dissaprove and pressure and politically lobby against their rights. So much for freedom.

  • Fred Thompsone

    What IF there was a way to get free from something someone DIDN'T want, and felt enslaved to it, and wanted to be free from it? Even if a REMOTE possibility existed, I would want to offer that person a chance to be what THEY wanted, not some LOBBY groups point of view… KEEP the app… it might not work, but, hey, if even ONE person benefited (besides the creator of the app!), GO FOR IT.

    • Dell

      Do you have any idea what you're talking about?

  • Miss Conception

    As a gay male, i feel that the app should be allowed to stay, Religions have just as much of a right to preach what they believe, even if it is rediculous. Without hate, there is no love. Without apps like this, there would be no voice to keep people thinking about equality. I dont believe apple is wrong for allowing the app. I dont think the people who made it are wrong, small minded yes, but not wrong. As far as being " Normal" as a previous poster just declared, if normal means i have to be as weak, uneducated and onesided like you, then id rather be a sideshow. Remember born agains, the bible also says its a sin to cut your hair, and lye in a bed with a woman who is menstarting. Which bible verses am i supposed to listen to? It becomes confusing when we only choose the ones that are convienant. Remember GOD didnt write the Bible , MAN did, man is capable of saying what he wants. God is in your heart first not in scripture, but alas let apple keep the app. Im a gay male, im proud, happy, have a very loveing supportive family, and friends. A rediculous App is just that, entertainmwnt for your phone. Sometimes i feel the LGBT community becomes a little to sensative about childish things. Its just not that serious. Lets first worry about helping this country rebuild, pray for the familys in Japan, keep finding ways to cure Cancer. Things are more important than this.

    • JohnS

      I applaud you, I dont find homosexuality to be right or a choice, but I do not bash gays. Just let people do what they want to do is what I think. Im a Christian but I do not judge like many of my fellow christianmen, Only GOD can judge.

    • Lunias

      Thank you. It's not everyday that somebody reasonable posts something on the internet. I find it ridiculous that people are so outraged by this.

  • Angel

    Wow the Magical wonders of the iPhone! I can see now that since I made the choice to be gay, now there is an App to help me choose not to be. LMFAO! I think the fact that they made an app like this is funny. Funny that I see more "straight" people downloading this then gay people, which makes you wonder who this is really aimed for. The only reason that a gay person would download this App is so that we can laugh at how ignorant people can be to think they can CURE something that's not a disease nor a choice. Hahaha nice try but were here to stay! Xoxo

    • Devil

      You just said you made the choice to be gay and then you said it's not a disease nor a choice. Which is it then? CHOOSE your answer, either way it's still your CHOICE. Haha umad

      • Angel

        Wow! I guess that went Way over your head, but I don't expect small minded people to understand.

  • Elizabeth Head

    NORMAL people don't speak out against homosexuality – NORMAL people are homosexual, heterosexual, bi-sexual, tri-sexual, asexual and any other kind of sexual. NORMAL animals have sex with all genders, too. Some animals have developed genitalia in order to have sex with the same gender. NORMAL is a great big wide world and DECENT people know this and don't force a narrow agenda on fellow NORMAL human beings.

  • Freedom

    No leave the app alone!!!

  • charles price

    Why is it that when NORMAL people speak out against homosexuality they are denied that freedom and attempts made to shut them down. We, as NORMAL people are made out to be mean and hateful. When you do things against the natural, that is dirty, mean and hateful. Even dogs know they don,t copulate with same sex dogs. Gays are wrong and are pushing there agenda to attempt to make themselves NORMAL. It just isn,t going to happen.

    • Alex

      This comment is typical of the ignorance that surrounds homophobia around the world. The app is typical of the religious fervour chosen by the ignorant few as a shield with which to defend their bigoted views.

      With that said, I don’t want the app to be withdrawn, at least until I’ve had a chance to download it. As a bisexual guy based in Europe (who is fully out and has never experienced openly homophobic discrimination in any form other than playground bullying) I can’t wait to read it and laugh about it with all my friends, be they straight, gay or bisexual. The idea this app would be taken seriously by anyone with sufficient intelligence to be a success in the modern world will get the biggest laugh of all.

      It’s refreshing that in today’s society it is the religious fanatics that are viewed as ABNORMAL and ostracised from day to day life, whilst as a NORMAL bisexual I am free to live my life exactly how I choose.

    • TheZip-

      You're a sadly ignorant person. Animals engage in same-sex sexual play across too many species to mention. You've never seen a male dog hump another dog?

      You are probably not NORMAL in many different regards, and the NORMAL you're talking about here is completely insignificant to the social value of a person, and for you to think otherwise simply marks you as aggressively simple-minded.

      • JohnS

        Wow, where there is ignorance there is stupidity, Humping is an action, if I hump you, my sexuality is questionsble, because of just playing around but if I have intercourse with you, that is totally different, dogs may hump, but that is different from enter its phallus into the others rectum, dogs do not do this, the anus is not intended for it and causes to much pain and work

    • nimo1981

      There is nothing NORMAL about you charles price.

    • pepito115

      You sir, should perhaps think about reading a few books, or taking a couple Anthropology classes. As one poster already replied, your statement is complete and utter ignorance. How dare you make claims of what is "normal" and what is not, and then further stipulate "when you do things against the natural, that is dirty, mean and hateful."

      For starters, who are you to determine what is "natural"? A quick look through a history book will show you that Roman culture, during the mid-Republic era for example, was notorious for intercourse across all genders and homosexual acts were widely accepted. Granted, there were fluxes of acceptability as the Roman Empire evolved over time, but it was not until Christianity got its footing that suddenly homosexual acts became ones that could be punishable by death.

      Furthermore, there are numerous other cultures that engaged in homosexual acts to various degrees. While I admit I cannot recall the exact details without having to dig through all my University notes, there was a culture that practiced the following: in order for a boy to ascend to manhood, he was required to perform fellatio on a man and swallow the ejaculate. Meaning, in simplistic terms, a boy was not considered a man until he took a shot in the mouth and swallowed.

      So going against the "natural", as you put it, are nothing but dirty, mean and hateful acts that should be condemned yes? Well, could you please explain why sexual intercourse between a man and a women is a-okay, but if two same-sex people do it, suddenly it is a mean and hateful act? It seems to me that you're missing the point of sex other than reproducing the species; namely the act between two people to express their love and commitment to one another, or for purely pleasure. There are few other creatures on the planet, other than humans, that have sex for pleasure alone and if humans are the dominant species to do such a thing, how are homosexual acts not natural?

      I won't even address the "dirty" part, since that is entirely a subjective notion and even I will admit I find some sexual practices a bit too "dirty" for me; but then, at least I do not condemn a person based on there sexual exploits alone. I don't find "golden showers" all that appealing but if a person gets their rocks off having someone else urinate on them, who am I to judge?

      Based on your comments, I should also be correct in assuming that you think the world is flat yes? Oh, and that Earth is the center of the universe and everything including the Sun revolves around our planet correct? You must think so since, according to you, the people who proved these notions otherwise, are nothing but dirty, mean, and hateful since they went against what was "natural" of the day. If you think homosexuality is so wrong based on these criteria, I am forced to think you would apply them in these regards as well.

      Think about all the technological, cultural and social evolutions the world has undergone. Had it not been for people going against what was considered natural at the time, we most likely would not be where we are today. We sure as hell would not even be having this debate had no one pushed the boundaries of what was considered the natural form of communication.

      • Lunias

        Okay, that bit about the "culture" thing is just weird. Are you trying to justify homosexuality by saying other people did it, so it's okay? If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? Just because many people do something doesn't make it okay, or "socially correct". Why is it that when people speak out against homosexuality it's a crime against the community worldwide, but calling somebody a retard is perfectly acceptable?

        Based on your arguments, homosexuality is acceptable, and anybody who disagrees is stupid. If I don't like the idea of homosexuality, why do you think I would change my mind after reading about the various cultures that participated in it in the past? In many cultures, it was okay to eat other humans, walk around town naked, and get revenge on those who displeased you. Would you tell me that, since other cultures did it in the past, it is "natural", and therefore okay? Where is the logic in that?

        I don't mind being around people who prefer homosexuality; I have around 10 friends who are openly gay, lesbian, or bi. The only thing that gets to me is when people think that they should get special treatment just for who they are. So what if somebody is anti-homosexual? Why the outrage? They have their views, and you have yours. Why should the world be forced to conform to your views?

  • Drea Saunders

    It should be removed because there is no "scientific" evidence anywhere that proclaims that it is feasible to "cure" homosexuality. It is a religious app and whose to say that another religious institution would not want their beliefs to start appearing in the form of apps through Apple? Honor one, honor all.. Remove the app. There is enough hate in the world without it…

    • robert

      Free country if you dont like it dont download it