HTC Thunderbolt’s Best Price Online – $174.99?

By Alan Ng - Mar 19, 2011

Remember how we were getting excited about that Amazon deal for the HTC Thunderbolt, in which the online retailer were offering $179.99 for it on contract? Well it appears that another retailer has stepped up to the plate by dropping the price even FURTHER.

The retailer in question is LetsTalk, and our anonymous tipster has told us that they will be offering the HTC Thunderbolt on any contract deal for just $174.99. The deal will start at 12:01 AM PDT Saturday March 19, ie very soon!

If you head to their HTC Thunderbolt product listing here, you’ll see that the price is still listed at $199.99 on contract, but don’t worry – this will be reduced to the $174.99 when the clock ticks past twelve, so make sure you’re ready. This is obviously the best price for the handset yet, and it’s definitely going to take some beating from other retailers.

Will anyone else step up to the plate, or has LetsTalk provided an unbeatable deal? The Thunderbolt is currently in stock on their website now, but we have a feeling they are going to get hammered once their promotion starts.

For those of you who have already purchased a Thunderbolt at full price ($249.99), let us know your thoughts on this – feeling slightly bemused at the crazy price drops taking place?

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  • A bb representative yesterday told me that the phone will be $249 and even showed me the printout that goes below the display model that showed the $249 price tag. Also if you go to the best buy website and click through their flash advertisement on the top of their home page until you get to the section that says "Upgrade
    to a smartphone with 4G speed" and hover over the Thunderbolt it shows a price of $249.