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HTC Thunderbolt: Speed Test – Are you getting 4G LTE Speeds?

Now that the HTC Thunderbolt is available to buy both in-store and online, we want to know your impressions of the device, with specific reference to the 4G LTE speeds that Verzion are touting with the device. Have you managed to get a solid connection to 4G LTE, or are you having problems?

Earlier on this week, we mentioned in a previous article that Verizon were promising 4G LTE speeds of up to 5-12Mbps downstream, and 2-5Mbps upstream, but how many of you have actually managed to achieve such figures on your device?

If you are currently situated in a 4G LTE area, you can check right now what speeds you are getting at the moment by downloading the SpeedTest app on your mobile from the Android Market – it’s essentially the same service as the popular one you see at online.

It will be interesting to see just how many of you are getting close to the speeds that Verizon advertised, and we’re pretty sure that in some cases, the speed you manage to get on your device is actually faster than that of your home broadband!

Are you impressed with the 4G LTE network speeds that you’re getting, or have you been left disappointed after so much promise? Let us know how fast your handset is.



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