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HTC Thunderbolt Rooted Relatively Quick

After just being available for a short time the HTC Thunderbolt has been rooted already. This has been an increasing story recently with Android handsets, but having the HTC Thunderbolt rooted as quickly as this on the Verizon’s 4G LTE network is more surprising.

Blake from Intomobile is reporting in an article the actual method is not yet available, as a custom recovery cannot be currently installed. Once this is available it will then be released to the public. Doing this to the already good handset will improve it even more.

Rooting your Thunderbolt can be a great thing providing you don’t download pirated Android apps. The handset has seen a lot of coverage of late, and after it has been available for a while longer we can expect to see a lot more activity with the hacking side of things.

Getting a recovery working for the handset shouldn’t take long considering it has been rooted after only a couple of days, as long as HTC didn’t lock their handset down too much. You can follow the root thread for yourself by clicking here.

Will you root your HTC Thunderbolt? How have you found the handset?



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