HTC Thunderbolt owners dream of iPhone 5 Release

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 19, 2011

The competition in today’s phone market means that any big release needs a lot of hype built around it, and the HTC Thunderbolt had just that with delays in it’s release date, and touted as the 4G phone to own. Now the device is released, did it disappoint or satisfy?

On the official HTC website they claim the HTC Thunderbolt is the phone after your dream phone, it’s apparently really that good, according to the makers. Shortly after the launch we saw some tests by review websites, and users that show different results with the battery life. These seem to depend on how you have the 4G settings, but most reports we’ve heard point to bad battery life, and that’s according to the owners themselves.

One of PR’s readers said that the HTC Thunderbolt battery life is so bad that they’re considering buying an iPhone 4 after paying the “$35 re-stocking fee”, after which they plan to buy an iPhone 5 if that lives up to their expectations. This does seem a bit extreme, although they are not the only user thinking about paying this fee and moving to another device.

Maybe HTC should’ve included the 2750 mAh battery with the Thunderbolt, rather than offer it as an extra that most users will need anyway. We’re sure that there are some happy HTC Thunderbolt owners, which are not dreaming of the iPhone 5 release, are you one of these? How has your battery life been?

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  • Anthony

    You can add an extended battery (looks horrible though) but if you do that it becomes a phone that weighs almost half a pound. I'm eligible for a phone upgrade in April(good timing) I think I'm going to wait and just get the iPhone 5. It has the apps I want compared to the Android Market, just a personal preference. iOS 5 may be announced next month too so I'm pretty interested about seeing that. I think if you aren't out all day the Thunderbolt would be fine for most people though.

  • Luix

    Yeah the speed is important if you have a smartphone that what a smartphone is for for internet use if not just get a regular media phone. I want the Iphone but if it the IPHONE 5 doesnt come witgh 4G LTE i will go with the Thunderbolt. Like Alex said above any high tech device is going to drain battery quickly.

  • Shawn McKinnon

    battery life is definitely a problem. I am getting requests from Verizon to turn 3g off to increase battery life. I

  • Alex

    Is this a joke? The phone has gotten rave reviews besides the battery life. Just like any top of the line spec'd laptop, the battery is not going to be great with so much activity. If your phone is a status symbol sure you dont care about data. But if you have a smartphone why the hell wouldnt you be concerned about data, its what you're paying extra for.

  • Criss

    This phone is great with speed, but a horrible battery. I prefer the iPhone. Dont care about data speed, just being able to have a connection is good. I don't understand why you people who are obsessed with a Phone that will load a web page maybe a few seconds faster.

  • Jason

    My battery life is horrible… But I am also hitting 25Mb/s Download speed… So I can deal with it…

  • vaughan

    The faster we go, the faster we want to go! ….we are never satisfyed

  • Larikeal

    i love this phone! no battery problems here. the battery usage is obviously based of the users personal settings of the phone such as lots of apps running and maybe wifi…you know things like that.