Darkspore Release Date Delayed: Open Beta Announced

By Tina Chubb - Mar 19, 2011

We have some rather disappointing news now for those of you that are waiting for the launch of the Darkspore game for Microsoft Windows, as both the developer Maxis and the publisher Electronic Arts have just confirmed that the release date has now been delayed.

As Nick Chester at destructoid.com recently noted, the sci-fi action-RPG was originally due to be released at the end of this month, but EA and Maxis announced that the game will now be arriving in North American stores on April 26th and European stores on April 28th.

However, it doesn’t appear to be all bad news for the Darkspore game, as an open beta has now been announced for April. An EA spokesperson confirmed that an open beta would begin in April, noting the positive response and feedback that was received over the course of the closed beta.

The open beta period will of course allow even more gamers to experience the upcoming Darkspore game before it is finally released, as well as enabling the team to incorporate additional feedback from the players and add a little more polish to the much-anticipated game.

The spokesperson also announced that there will be other closed betas, which will allow select players to experience new updates to the game. Are you disappointed that the Darkspore title isn’t releasing this month as originally planned?

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