Zynga Releases English Countryside Version of Farmville

By Tina Chubb - Mar 18, 2011

If you’re a fan of FarmVille and you just can’t get enough of the hugely popular Facebook game, then I think we have news that could be of interest to you. Zynga has just released a brand new level called FarmVille English Countryside, which as you can tell by the title, recreates the English countryside.

According to Emma Barnett over at telegraph.co.uk, the new FarmVille English Countryside level features crops and plants that are native to the UK, including King Edward potatoes, foxgloves and redcurrants. The crops in the English part of the FarmVille game will also grow faster due to the premium English soil.

FarmVille English Countryside marks the first time that the social network game developer – the company behind the also poular Mafia Wars – has ever made a country-specific version of the Facebook game. The plants and crops won’t be the only exclusive features in the game either.

The new level will also come with traditional polic call boxes, English cottages and even British animals, such as Shire horses, Dorking chickens and Shorthorn cows. To gain access to the new FarmVille English Countryside, players must reach level 20 of the regular version of FarmVille.

What do you think of the idea of a country-specific version of the FarmVille game?

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  • Robyn

    Don't bother going unless you don't mind one farm being paused while you are on the other. Yes this means that nothing grows while you are on the other farm…co ops don't stop, animals don't mature, trees don't mature, crops don't grow. The worst part is that over 10,000 players have gone onto the official farmville forum and left feedback in the offical feedback section and Zynga has yet to even respond to the outrage players are showing. This shows a lack of customer service and is turning off players by the the thousands. Many have already quit and refuse to come back if at all until Zynga removes the pause or at least makes it optional.

    Shame on you Zynga for not responding to the overwhelming response against the pause.

  • ELLE

    Are we able to grow the crop in two farms in the same time?
    That would be nice to have both of them activate in the same time……

  • Guest

    One of my neighbors has already received her second farm but I have not.

  • MewMew

    someone on my friends list got theirs today, I'm over level 20 but I haven't gotten it yet ; ; …..hax?

  • Guest

    This has not been released yet, it is coming sometime next week. The correct news about the second farm is on Examiner.com: http://www.examiner.com/farmville-in-national/far

  • Jess

    No it's not been released. Zynga just released word that it will come out next week.

  • Barbara

    When will the farmville english countryside be released?

  • Kyra

    I dont have it yet! Has it officially been released or not?