THOR, Captain America for Nintendo 3DS and Release Date

Last year we brought you a few details on two upcoming movie-based video games in development with Sega, one being Thor: God of Thunder and the other being Captain America: Super Soldier. At the time, the game was only being released for the PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii and the DS.

However, according to Wesley Yin-Poole over at, Sega has just confirmed in a Twitter post that both games will also be released for the much-anticipated Nintendo 3DS. The Thor: God of Thunder game is due to arrive on April 29th, which is the same day that the movie opens in the UK.

Thor comic book author Matt Fraction had a part in writing the Thor: God of Thunder game, which is also said to feature the voice of actor Chris Hemsworth. In the meantime, the Captain America: Super Soldier game is not due out until the summer of this year, which is also when the film is due to air.

Captain America: Super Soldier is a third-person action adventure with plenty of running around and jumping, as well as a large dose of combat. The game – which is aimed at complimenting the upcoming movie – sees Captain America facing up against his arch enemy, Red Skull.

Would you buy either of these games if you purchase the Nintendo 3DS?



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