Nintendo 3DS vs iPad 2 UK Release: Who Gets Your Money?

By Gary Johnson - Mar 18, 2011

This time next week promises to be a busy time for all the tech lovers in the UK. On the 25th not only will British consumers be able to get their hands on the Nintendo 3DS, the iPad 2 becomes available as well.

Online retailer Amazon has announced the Nintendo 3DS has become the most pre-ordered console ever on the site, according to a report by Dominic Sacco from MCV. The retailer has also lowered the price of the console to £187. This makes them currently the cheapest UK retailer to get the device along with supermarket giant Morrison’s.

The handheld console has seen twenty percent more pre-orders than what the PlayStation 3 managed in 2007. It eclipses the pre-order numbers for the Wii console by 56 percent and a massive 255 percent over the DSi.

Next week should also see the release of the iPad 2, which will prove just as popular. Having these two great pieces of tech becoming available on the same day may cause a headache for some who want both.

Retailers could be seeing some much needed cash going through their systems next week as this nice new tech comes to market, unless there is a last minute delay with the iPad 2 due to stock levels.

Which one will you be buying next week?

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  • Drulad

    had a go on a 3ds in Bristol this weekend just gone. Have to say I was hugely underwhelmed by it. Pilotwings was poor as was streetfighter 4. They have managed to loose a sale due to lack of decent software.

  • janisonjunio

    Whats nintendo 3DS?

  • w14Bat

    agree these are not to be compared..they belong to different gadget categories
    if i was to get both it meant i had no social life.. so i would say iPad 2 can do more for me..

  • mik

    the 3ds rocks, but im getting a ipad 2 lol

  • drift

    exactly both, about kids toy dude how old are you again lol 3ds is soooo not a kids toy have you even played on one get life idiot

  • supermacmail

    Both OF course

  • Jake

    How can you compare a tablet with a kids toy? Nintendo 3DS is designed for games, iPad 2 is a tablet PC!! Of course i won't spend a penny on Nintendo 3DS!

    • Andrew

      A tablet maybe, but still a toy!

  • Andrew Hoffman

    Nintendo wins hands down.It's more compact,has a. Protective cover and is loads more fun.