iPad vs. iPad 2: Graphics and Benchmark Comparison

By Jamie Pert - Mar 18, 2011

When Apple revealed the iPad 2 we heard how the it had twice the processing power and nine times the graphics performance when compared to its predecessor, a recent article posted on IGN compares the two side-by-side and it is obvious that the iPad 2 is much more powerful.

Let’s start with benchmark scores, obviously benchmarks do not truly represent real-world performance, however they give us a a rough idea of a device’s capabilities, IGN ran the GLBenchmark triangles-per-second and multi-textured fill rate tests on the iPad and iPad 2, the original iPad delivered near on 6 million per second, whilst the iPad 2 came close to 10 million. In the multi-textured fill rate test the original iPad produced about 228 million texels (texture pixels) per second, whilst the iPad 2 came close to a billion.

As you can see the iPad 2 wiped the floor with the original iPad, but what about in-game graphics? Well, let’s start by saying that developers have not yet had a chance to develop games which fully utilize the iPad 2’s impressive hardware, that said you can see a difference in some existing games.

If you check out IGN’s article you can see gameplay videos and comparison screenshots for Infinity Blade, Real Racing 2 HD, Dead Space HD and Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, for me the most noticeable difference was seen in the Real Racing 2 HD screenshots, you can see this below (click it for a larger resolution image).

As you can see the screens do not look a great deal better, however we will probably see developers come up with better-looking games in the coming months, which games would you like to play on your iPad 2?

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