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iPad 2 Vs Motorola Xoom Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab: Which Camera is Better?

If you are currently undecided on whether to pick up the new iPad 2 or Motorola Xoom tablet devices, we have a detailed comparison between the two as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which shows you exactly what the camera quality is like on each device.

As most of you will know, Apple was rather silent when it came to giving exact details on the camera sensors featured on the iPad 2, so perhaps the following videos and pictures we’re about to show you will give you a good idea just how decent, or poor the cameras actually are.

Motorola on the other hand has equipped a 5 megapixel camera on the back with 720p video recording, as well as a separate 2 megapixel camera on the front, which is pretty good since other tablet devices and mobile phones usually come equipped with a 1.3 megapixel, or even just VGA in some instances.

Back to the comparison though, and you can view a series of videos and pictures over at Macworld. There are different types of stills for the Galaxy Tab, iPad 2 and Xoom, and then there’s also video comparisons, both in normal light conditions and low-light conditions – you may want to look away though at the poor quality of the Xoom and iPad 2 in low-light. Surely a device has to come along soon which can take solid videos in darkness? – Just our thoughts anyway.

Which camera do you think is the best? The original Galaxy Tab with a 3.2MP rear and 1.3MP front camera actually performs better than the iPad 2 camera in our opinion, just look at the pictures yourself for proof. The Xoom comes out on top we think, but then again it does have the best cameras out of the three devices.



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