HTC Thunderbolt: Anecdote On Video

The recent release of the HTC Thunderbolt has seen it getting a lot of attention. Whether it is because of problems that have already been discovered or whether or not you are getting the full potential from the 4G LTE speeds it has to offer.

Even in the build up to the Android device’s release it was found to be center of a discussion over whether those willing to get one were patient enough to wait for its anticipated release date. The design of HTC devices themselves have been slammed in the past.

As the article by Quentyn Kennemer at Phandroid explains many would argue that they are just a product of a ‘cookie-cutter’ design and research process, implying that HTC never stray far from previous designs when bringing out new models.

The Thunderbolt however seems to be a break from the mold. HTC have even gone ahead and released a video revealing their inspiration for their latest device’s design. The video can be viewed below by scrolling down.

You could also visit the article by clicking the link above where you will also find a video of the latest advertisement for HTC’s Thunderbolt. Will you be getting a HTC Thunderbolt? Let us know if you are or not and what you think of the videos in the comments below.



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