How iPad 3 Rumors stop iPad 2 Sales

By Jamie Pert - Mar 18, 2011

A recent article posted by Maddy Rowe on talks about what features we may see when the iPad 3 is unveiled, this seems to have sparked a debate where people are saying that they will wait for the iPad 3 rather than buy the iPad 2.

Rumors have been suggesting that Apple will release an iPad 3 in late 2011, obviously these rumors could turn out to be inaccurate, however they seem to have been enough to scare some people of the iPad 2, let’s face it who will want to buy the iPad 2 if an iPad 3 is released later this year with more advanced specs including a higher-resolution camera and a retina display?

Comments on OSM’s article suggest that despite the iPad 2 being a vast improvement over the original iPad it is not enough to convince some Apple fans, they would rather wait until late 2011 for iPad 3 and if nothings shows up they will wait until March 2012 which is when many believe Apple will reveal the next-gen iPad.

We are currently skeptical about another iPad release in 2011, this is because Apple tend to roll out product updates annually (we have seen this with the iPhone and iPod Touch), however we can also see how the iPad 2 may struggle to compete with some of their competitive products which boast much better camera resolutions, 3D capabilities and 4G connectivity. Will Apple rush out an iPad 3 to stay competitive or will they stay patient and release the iPad 3 in 2011? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

We would also love to hear whether the iPad 3’s 2011 release rumors have put you off buying the iPad 2, if it has let us know what you expect from the next-gen iPad?

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  • just returned my ipad 2, worth the wait. Camera’s are so bad compaired to every other tablet..

  • Younsoph77

    just returned mine, worth the wait.

  • Ronald

    You guys are weird. The ipad is awesome with face time. What if you were on a business trip and your kids wanted to talk to you, you could use face time and not only hear them but you could see them too. I don't know about you, but I'm waiting for the ipad 3 and the iphone 5.

  • sty

    yep me too, really want one but it must have retina, and ideally, sd, usb and flash support, then jobs can have my cash. might get the 16gb wifi ipad 1 though if its cheap enough.

  • M.Frugal

    I'm waiting it out for the ipad 3 & iphone 5. if I really need a ipad, I'd go with the initial ipad & save money then go with the ipad 2 since they appear to be very similar & I have no need for face time or the poor quality camera.

  • Bob

    I think that my iPad 1 is fine until the iPad 3 because the iPad 2 isn't that much better.

  • Olivier

    I love the size of the iPad, it is a great size to replace a book, great size for presentations and fits easily in many bags if not all of them.
    Why do people want a smaller form factor? I don't know, there is the iPhone for that.
    Now, it is true that the iPad 3 is stopping me to buy the iPad 2.
    The only reason why the iPad 2 is launch the way it is, it is because Apple have had technical issues.
    So the result is a substandard iPad.
    I got the Kindle and gave it after 30 min.
    It doesn't read ePub, the size makes it difficult to read PDF documents, because the screen is not a touch screen even the zoom function is awkward to use and who cares about having a keyboard on it? Would not a bigger screen be better? At least it would then be possible to read PDF documents when holding it horizontal.

  • TBaker

    I was googling for and Ipad 2 to purchase and accidentally typed in ipad 3. The thought that there may be a release as early as this fall has definitely made me stop in my tracks. Now I'm not sure what to do. I definitely won't buy the Ipad 2 tomorrow as I had planned.

  • James

    I was all up for my first iPad being the 2nd gen but the rumours have made me seriously reconsider. Flash especially.

  • marc

    Now the IPAD 2 here, it has been abit of let down. I have to deside now to buy a 2nd hand IPAD or an ANDROID model because for me the difference between the Ipad & Ipad 2 is not that great so a 2nd hand Ipad would suit me fine or go for an Android model with a lot better features.

  • Dustin

    Without a doubt it has – I sold my iPad 1 (and only 'lost' $100 on it) in anticipation of getting the iPad 2 when it came out… but then I read the specs and felt a bit jaded about selling my iPad 1. So with that said I bought a Kindle (WiFi model) for my reading and then I heard about the idea of an iPad 3 in September… without a doubt I'm waiting. The size of the Kindle is perfect… and if an 'iPad' could be made in that form-factor, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.