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Firefox 4 Release Date and Time 7:00 am PT

We recently revealed that the release candidate for Mozilla Firefox 4 was now available to download, now we can confirm the official Mozilla Firefox 4 release date and time, apparently it will be available for download on March 22nd a 7.00am PT (according to ComputerWorld).

Firefox 4 development has been taking place since February last year, therefore it has been a long time coming, some experts are suggesting that Mozilla has left its users waiting too long, therefore Firefox has lost some of its market share to Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

The official Firefox 4 release date will arrive just eight days after Microsoft launched IE9, since its release IE9 has been well received, therefore it will be interesting to see how Firefox 4 fares.

In February 2010 Firefox held a 24.5% share of the web browser market (according to Net Applications), a year later Firefox’s share had dropped to just 21.7% percent and we get the impression that a lot of people have jumped ship to Google Chrome instead.

With a new tab manager, GPU acceleration, an improved user interface and faster speeds Mozilla Firefox should be a very solid browser, but is it too little too late?



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