Crysis 2 Reviews on Xbox 360 and PS3 Don’t Disappoint

By Alan Ng - Mar 18, 2011

The highly anticipated shooter isn’t due out on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC until the end of this month, but there are already a few reviews for Crysis 2 which have been published online. Since there is still an emargo on the online reviews, these ones we have are taken from magazines.

First of all, you can rest assured if you were worrying that this game would be a flop, as both the Official Xbox Magazine and the Official PlayStation Magazine have given the game great scores, with OXM giving Crysis 2 a 9/10, and the OPM giving Crytek’s latest shooter an 8/10.

Official PlayStation Magazine included the following quotes, which have been provided courtesy of CVG: “excellent – technically strong, visually outstanding and full of welcome fresh ideas.”

Meanwhile, the Official Xbox Magazine has praised the multiplayer portion in the game, saying that it was the turning point in giving the game a good score, saying that gamers will enjoy ”some of the most exciting, angry and satisfying action you’ll ever have”.

Unfortunately, the only way you can read these reviews is by picking up a copy of either edition, but if some scans of the review get uploaded, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. Are you happy that this game has been praised after such a long development time? Are you now planning to pick up this game on launch or are you still worried about the gameplay after spending time with the beta and demo?

Crysis 2 looks like a solid addition to your collection from where we’re standing.

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  • this whole arguement about which console is immature everybody has their own likes and dislikes on the systems. i have a ps3 which to me is my favorite cause online playing is free, browse the internet, watch blu-ray, better graphics. anyway the game looks good and i am going to buy it.

  • Mike

    Ive got a PS3 and this game was quality! both graphic wise and game-play wise!

  • h8ridcencal

    ok all u guys are morons. if u wanna measure dicks go do it in a forum, how did that help anyone determine whether they should get crysis 2 or not. The immatureness level here is off the chart

  • Ken

    Hell, I was playing Half Life 2 Eps. 2 and was amazed at how good everything looks once you look at it long enough. Excellent lighting, textures, and all accentuated with high resolution. PC will always hold it's ground in the gaming world.

  • blakjak

    anyone who says that pc is better than ps3 and xbox needs to be punched in the throat. No shit that its better it has a way better graphics card. Now, you show me a pc that has that much better of graphics for the same price as a 360 or ps3, then you can run ur mouth.

    • Luis

      Price of a platform isnt an issue here. We are talking about the performance of one over the other. Apparently anything that is upgradable can withstand any developer who doesnt give a damn on how to simplfy graphic algorithm to adjust to the limitation of your platform and Crysis 2 is one good example for this.PC with graphic cards such as ATI 5970 crossed with 5870 would definitely outperform either your xbox or ps3 and to say that is an understatement.

  • Bebop

    Good god, who cares about console superiority. Its always about "this console is better than that console har har". Just enjoy the damn thing and quit being so attached to a box with circuit boards in it.

    • GOS

      true that

  • jack

    pc r crap for games the ps3 crap all over any p c the problem with p c gamers they have there stuck up there own ass and cant see the light, show any game on the p c that looks and plays as good as Killzone 3, Uncharted 2, god of war 3, oh thats right you cant why cos p c is shit

    • KingK76

      Your a huge moron. The hardware inside your PS3 is 5 year old tech. The videocard is a GeForce 7800GTX hybrid and the CPU (yes the over-hyped CELL) is miles slower then a 4 year old Core2Quad. Buddy unless you own a top flight PC don't make ridiculous statements like above. My PC absolutely destroys my PS3 and 360 in quality for every game released. You see on the PC you can adjust your graphics settings to whatever you system can handle. And when your running any AAA title at 2560×1600 with 8xMSAA and 16x anisotropic filtering with super high res textures all at 60fps. You tell me. I have many games that look better then those games you mentioned… Too many to list.

      • Luis

        Hi im just interested in ur build, what graphic card are you using?

  • Sam

    First link is the first 9 minutes of the PS3 retail version
    Second Xbox. Just move the first video to 2min10 or so and you'll be able to compare with the xbox version

    As you can see, if you set your tv and PS3 brightness and color patern correctly, both game looks exactly the same. People that say otherwise are blind fanboys

  • jack

    why don't all of you get frickin life and just enjoy the game instead of arsin around arguing about who's better…. it's not like u'll ever agree.

  • BobSmith

    You guys do know that the PC version is the "lead version" of Crysis 2, right?

  • Brett

    a standard gaming pc has far better graphics than the 360 or ps3. pay for what you get

  • Greg

    Yeah, your PC kicks ass…for about the price of four 360’s and PS3’s. The graphic card alone cost $300 minimum. I’ll stick with my consoles thank you very much.

    • fatman01923

      Pc's aren't just gaming machines you fail to realize that… Can your 360 browse the internet, watch Blu-ray, Be accessed from anywhere in the world through VPN… Didn't think so, you get what you pay for.

      • cheese

        Ps3 can browse the internet and has a blu-ray player

  • Comedykev

    ha ha my PC kick ass of the PS3 and Xbox!!!

  • fdbfdfbfdb

    I've got the full version of both games and I gotta say, the 360 version definitely looks better, and runs smoother.

  • marhorn

    HA! Again 360 performs better!

  • PS3 version is the lead platform so it’s gonna be slightly better, just like 90% of multiplatform games were slightly better on 360 than PS3 because they used the 360 as the lead platform.

    • Goku80

      sorry to burst your bubble but i have played both 360 and ps3 multi-player demos of Crysis 2 and I have to admit that the ps3 version was slightly inferior compared to the 360 version. Go to the Crysis 2 forums at There are a lot of upset ps3 owners, mainly because of the connection probs but they complain about the visuals also. After seeing both for myself the 360 has the edge!

      • guest

        actually on neoseeker the developers admitted that the ps3 demo was from an old build not the final one. so its probably going to look the same as the 360.

      • Robar

        PC is the leading platform for all Crytek games so far. Crysis 2 is no exception. The PC version smokes the console ones.

        • guest

          ok i wasn't talking about the PC version
          of course the PC version is better
          it always will be because you can upgrade a PC's graphics card, you can't with a console.

    • Zero

      When did they state the PS3 was the lead platform? It has all ways been 360 or PC….

      • Shemamforash

        They did, i assure you, and this is coming from a PC user! They did intend it to run better on the PS3 than the XBOX, streamlining it and using all of the PS3s resources, but the PC version is obviously going to be better naturally as it is the primary build and has loads of resources at its disposal.