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Apple Could Run Out of Components for iPad 2

We have reported before how Japanese electronics companies were starting to feel the effects of last week’s terrible events. Now it is looking like Apple will also start seeing problems getting key components for its new iPad.

Dean Wilson at the Inquirer has written an article reporting that Apple could have trouble with supplies for several key components of the iPad 2. These include the battery, electronic compass and glass display. According to the article the compass will be a difficult item to source from somewhere else, because of how sensitive they are.

Japanese companies supply five components for the iPad 2, which include NAND flash from Toshiba, the electronic compass from AKM Semiconductor, DRAM from Elpida, and the glass and battery from Apple’s Japanese operation.

One big problem has been continuing aftershocks have made it impossible for semiconductor firms to restart production. All this will cause more delays in the production for Apple’s components. There has been talk already that the iPad 2 may see a delay in being launched around the world because of high demand in the US.

This comes on the back of recent share price losses following Apple’s recent Wall Street downgrade. Electronics manufacturers around the world are set to face similar problems sourcing key components for their products, but it is nothing compared to the hardship facing the Japanese people at the moment.

Do you think Apple will manage to find components for the iPad 2 elsewhere?



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