Wrapsol protective films for iPad 2 – improved design for easy installation

By Chris Cook - Mar 17, 2011

If you’ve used protective films on one of your touchscreen devices before, you can appreciate that they can be quite difficult to get on perfectly. Whether there be a permanent fingerprint left behind or a blasted bubble gets trapped.

Wrapsol seem to have a solution to these problems and have released their newly redesigned film that makes installation easier.

The improvement itself seems simple enough, as the skins now come with tabs which you can grip without worrying about leaving fingerprints behind and this also makes lining up to your iPad 2 or other device less tricky so bubbles are also avoided.

Once the skin is pressed in place the tabs can be peeled off leaving your screen protected. The improved design is only available on the Wrapsol Clean skins for iPads and Ultra skins which the smartphone device users can benefit from.

Check out the Wrapsol site where you will also find that iPhone 4 users get Ultra skin protection on back and sides as well as the front. What do you think of these improvements? Will you be using this protective skin on your iPad 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • gracz

    Just bought a Wrapsol dry mount for ipad and threw it away! I could not get the bubbles out with their worthless cardboard squeegee. $30 down the drain…don’t bother!

  • Tromley

    I had the air bubble problem with Wrapsol. The air bubbles were leftover from the frustrating process of putting the protective film on my iPad. And in the process of trying to make them go away, the alignment of the protective film with my ipad became uneven. What I was left with was a messed up looking screen. I figured that my iPad was better without one. But it wasn't the last protective film I got. I ordered Gadgetshieldz. It wasn't hard to apply and fortunately I didn't get the air bubble problem, my iPad looked clear.