St Patrick’s Day 2011: Two Google Doodles, not One

As most of you will already know by visting the Google homepage today, it is St Patrick’s Day 2011. The web search giant is celebrating today in style with a couple of of themed Google Doodle designs – yes, there is more than one today.

Today is obviously all about celebrating the Irish culture, whether that means enjoying a cold pint of guinness or wearing green colors, joining a parade or trying to perfect your homemade corned beef and cabbage recipe.

Google are obviously in the mood today, as it’s not often you see them display two Google doodles. The one below is what you see at the US homepage:

There is also a completely different St Patrick’s Day doodle for when you visit the Irish Google homeage, check it out below.

Which one do you think looks best? The Irish one is obviously a bit more artistic, so we have a feeling you may favor that one. Both doodle’s redirect to the main search results for St Patrick’s Day though, where you can view a lot more information about the history of St Patrick’s Day on the Wikipedia page here.

How will you be celebrating today? Are you off work today or do still have to go into the office?

UPDATE: It appears that there isn’t a US Google doodle for St Patrick’s Day at the moment, only the one is showing. Do you think there should have been a doodle for the US?



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