Sony NGP (PSP2): 3G and WiFi Price Rumors

By Alan Ng - Mar 17, 2011

It has been a while since we last heard any details on the upcoming Sony NGP in terms of a price point, but now we have some rumors for you. These rumors are somewhat more appealing that the average speculation though, as it has surfaced from game developers Ubisoft.

It turns out that a research firm called Toluna are running a survey on the NGP or PSP2, and this survey is in fact officially sponsored by Ubisoft. The question asked though was the most interesting part, as you can see below, as reported from Kotaku:

“The retail price of the Sony NGP is expected to be around $350. Would you purchase the Sony NGP now that you know this retail price?”

The thing is, we don’t actually know this retail price, as Sony hasn’t announced it yet, unless of course Ubisoft know something we don’t. You should be aware that this $350 price relates to the 3G version of the model, while the standard version of the NGP is meant to be set at $250 according to the survey.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be happy paying $350 for the 3G version? Either way, $250 is a very good price for the standard edition if it turns out to be correct. Don’t forget that Sony has already stated that pricing for the NGP would be ‘affordable’, so $250 sounds about right to us. You can read further information on PSP2 pricing in our previous report here.

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  • Ru-D

    Dont fucking complain just get it if u want it or dont its that simple

  • Commen Sense

    This is old i already knew this, why to sites post the same info in different ways about the same thing this info was available shortly after the Playstation Meeting 2011 show.

  • Mike

    Yeah, the Nook Gaming Portable sounds amazing. If you smeeeell what The Rock is Cookin!!

    • Mr. X

      Not through the screen I can't

  • John

    You mean psp2?

  • dcj

    I was thinking about it and decided… no i would not pay $250 or higher for a sony NGP. Mainly not due to the price but because it does not work. I thought about this recently and it kind of confuses me. The NGP will have 2 analog sticks, a front touch screen and a reach around back touch pannle. How will these even be able to work? If you are using the analog sticks you are not really going to be able to adjust and use the touch screen and if you have small hands the reach around back area will be hard to use while still trying to do anything else on the front of the device at all. $250-$350 for a flawed design and functions that are not even compatable… I think I will pass.

    • Lunia

      The NGP is a "flawed design"? What about the DS? No matter what hand you use, half the buttons are unusable thanks to that nifty thing called a stylus. If you have a stylus in your right hand, pressing those A-B-X-Y buttons is pretty much impossible. In this case, there's no stylus, so tapping is at least easier and doesn't interfere as much. Besides that, when using the PSP, you only use two fingers and two thumbs, leaving three fingers on each hand to hold the back, or conceivably to use the rear touch pad. Besides, these are optional controls; not every game will use every control.

  • bob007

    FXGEORGE is spot on he make alot of sense…. I think the psp 3 will be a truley amazing device.

    • moose a moose

      psp didnt even come out yet nd ur on psp3 FUCK U

  • Joe

    What the heck are you talking about?

  • As a B&N bookseller I can say that they haven't told us a thing. I'm sure they're developing a new nook, but any sort of price, size, features, etc, haven't been sent out to us. We didn't even know about the price change until they sent us a sign package that morning.