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New BlackBerry OS 6.1 Smartphones – Specs Include NFC

Yesterday we posted an article which pretty much guaranteed that RIM’s next BlackBerry smartphones would run BlackBerry OS 6.1 and would feature HotSpot functionality, now we have had more time to check out the source and we have spotted another feature link.

If you head over to N4BB you will see that the screens also mention NFC, which means that we can pretty much conclude that BlackBerry smartphones which come with OS 6.1 will allow payments via near-field communications technology.

It looks like you will be able to turn NFC on / off and configure it via your BlackBerry’s connections menu, we cannot say much else about this at the moment, however the fact that NFC has shown up on some leaked BlackBerry screens should be enough to keep you all happy for now.

This screenshot pretty much confirms what SlashGear told us earlier this month, they claimed that RIM had stated that all of their new devices will feature NFC and they were in the process of “building an an ecosystem”.

Apparently it is likely that Apple’s next-gen iPhone will feature NFC technology, if so this will undoubtedly push the popularity of contactless payments, if not many are skeptical that RIM alone will be able to make NFC a widely used payment method.

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