New Apple MacBook Pro Home Sharing Problems: 2011 Model

By Gary Johnson - Mar 17, 2011

When iOS 4.3 was first announced earlier this month, one of the stand out features of the software update was the new Home Sharing option. For the first time users would be able to access all their content stored on a Mac computer via a mobile device, but we are starting to hear of problems with the feature for some users.

An article over at AppleInsider is reporting that many owners of Apple’s 2011 MacBook Pro have been experiencing problems connecting devices, or keeping a connection via iTunes Home Sharing. A thread in Apple’s Discussion forums has received hundreds of posts from owners complaining of problems.

One reader comments that it is “a bigger problem” with many owners returning their new laptops because of the conflict. The reader went on to say the issue has been noted through AppleCare and retail stores.

Another forum user reported that their new MacBook Pro managed to stream to a second generation Apple TV to begin with, but then it lost connection and gave an error message “There are no movies in this library.”

Apple recently released iTunes 10.2.1 which was to add compatibility with the iOS 4.3 Home Sharing feature. When the option works correctly it allows users to share content to an unlimited amount of iOS devices over Wi-Fi.

Click here to see the Apple forum yourself. Have you had any issues with your 2011 MacBook Pro and Home Sharing?

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