HTC Thunderbolt Review: Real Battery Life Examination

By Chris Cook - Mar 17, 2011

A lot of attention has been headed the HTC Thunderbolt’s way as of late, with its long awaited release finally here. We have some interesting news for those of you wanting to get your hands on one about the battery life of the device.

In an article by Chris Burns at AndroidCommunity, it was revealed that the life of the battery is not as long as they hoped it would be. They report news of a review that was carried out on a day’s use of the Thunderbolt.

It actually turned out to be less than a day with the battery life down to 8% from full charge after just 3 hours and 34 minutes. In that time the device was used for a bit of Facebook, Twitter, internet browsing and sending email.

Phone calls were not even made and no type of streaming or video playback and camera usage was performed. In the amount of time it took for the device to get down to 8% it was only actually used for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

You can check out what else they found about the battery and what other tests they will be performing on the device you can read the full article by clicking the link above. Do you think the battery life is disappointing? How long would you expect to get out of a new mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • golfer

    got the thunderbolt yesterday and let me tell you this, the battery life is so bad that i am telling myself to give it 2 more day and then just eat the re stacking fee and send it back to were it came from. for one they dont have the extended battery for sale which i may have considered on keeping the phone. nice phone but i dont think it is worth it with the the time they limit you on the phone. considering on getting the HTC THUNDERBOLT good luck.

  • bcloud

    Bought the phone yesterday and it's certainly true that the battery drains like crazy. Read an article today @ pcmag,2817,2382199,00.a… that says they're coming out with a 2750 MaH battery that will be a must purchase when it comes out. Still, after spending 250 + $20-30 on accessories and now another 50-60 for a battery, could have easily thrown down a payment on the Xoom and waited for the Bionic or a better 4g phone to debut for Verizon.

  • gadget!

    Everyone that is reading this needs to click on the link provided above for the test…

    On the second run after 2h 46m the batter was at 80%!
    That's considerably different than the first test.

    The claim is that the first test was ran on 4G mode only and the second was a mixture of 4G and wifi.

  • Yakri

    People using it normally over the course of a day have reported that it doesn't usually run out of power.

    These hundreds of rip-off reviews using the information from slash gear are just silly.

    Yes, the battery life is pretty damn low, but it also isn't as bad as most of the cookie-cutter reviewers make it out to be.

    The guy who preformed the one single test that nearly every blogger is using as the basis for this said himself that his test was a, "worst case scenario," and that he would be doing another test on the realistic usage battery life tomorrow.

    IMO, wait for tomorrow evening when someone has done an actual test and review on how the phone preforms in daily usage if you're uncertain about the battery.

  • SoConfused

    Why do you have to sacrifice battery life for technology? I have been in the blackberry family for several years now and I cant think of any Android phone that compares with respect to that. I so badly want to get off my blackberry (ancient technology), but just cant make a decision….Any thoughts?

    Is this the standard or do you think something this year will come out that will take care of all our battery worries. The thunderbolt was the first Android phone that interested me. Is it worth making the transition and paying more per month since it is on Verizon's network and I am currently on Tmobile.?

    All good questions….lol

  • 4GCanYouHereMeNow

    That because they didn't hook it up to car battery… 6 hours would have been a nice average, nope nada.
    4G blazing speeds that needs a power cord to keep it alive sounds about right.