Homefront: PS3 / Xbox 360 Gamers Report Freezing Problems

By Tina Chubb - Mar 17, 2011

Kaos Studios’ much-anticipated Homefront video game – which received a review score of 7.0/10 from IGN recently – has only been out for a couple of days in North America, and both PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers have already started reporting problems with the game.

According to Shui Ta over at examiner.com, many PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers have been taking to the Homefront game’s official forum, to report multiple freezing problems. According to several users, the PS3 will just crash during gameplay and when exiting pre and post-game lobbies.

As a result to the problem, players were forced to do a hard reset on their systems. Jeremy Greiner – Community Manager for Kaos Studios – has since responded to the issues, and said that the developer is currently looking into it. However, he did warn gamers that it might take a while to resolve.

Meanwhile, Xbox 360 owners have been reporting that their copy of the Homefront game just freezes directly after the Kaos Studios logo. Because of that reason, they are then unable to access the main menu to play the game. Again, Jeremy stated they they are looking into the problem.

Have you been experiencing any issues with your copy of the Homefront game? If you have, feel free to let us know.

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  • David Parkes68

    total garbage, september 6 or so months after release and still buggy as hell, avoid like the plague, the team that coded this want shooting

  • Ron

    its game braking. will not stop crashing on the helicopter level.

  • Siekerjohnny

    my home front likes to freeez when i am searching for an aptimal match every time almost its dumb and realy im disapointed in this because i could just go to another game and not have this problem would like it to be fixed sometime this year……………


    yea uhm my homefront was going good then out of the blue its been freezing glitching skipping parts on live and it pisses me off i paid $60 for a peice of s*** pretty much this needs to be fixed cause its more like a scam to me


    yea uhm my homefront was going good then out of the blue its been freezing glitching skipping parts on live and it pisses me off i paid $60 for a peice of s*** pretty much this needs to be fixed cause its more like a scam to me

  • ryanelgin

    my game keeps freezing at random parts of the campaign
    its so annoying as i am going fore the platinum trophy and i still need to do some of the missions with not dying

  • Refuse

    Crash and hang on my 360 today!
    So still no fix.

  • Eric Spencer

    I can't even play in single player mode! My PS3 freezes every time I press resume, or choose level or new game. How is this legal for them to sell a product that dosnt work? Boycott this company who obviously has no regard for its customers.

  • prezzo

    needs sorting now

  • Ghost_panda

    My issue hasn't been with freezing so much on the PS3, once I'm the matches are pretty solid and continuous, but its FINDING A FREAKING GAME that's the issue!!!. Everyone in the lobby just sits around, "waiting for 3 more player(s)…" and then the hysteria kicks in and one person leaves, and the flood begins and all of a sudden now its "waiting for 7 more player(s)" GAAAAAAHhHHHHHHHHHRRRGHHHH!!! It just turns into this redundant loop matrix cycle of people jumping from room to room tryin to find the one with the most people in it, but really they're just creating an infinite vacuum of almost full lobbys. Destined to spin around in orbit, directionless forever. F*** YOU THQ!!!!!!!! Seriously, the WORST game experience I have had in a LOOONNNG time.

  • matt

    I've reached rank 70, battling through occasional freezing and long waits for matches. I love playing the game but sadly now everytime I go into the armory, finish a match, or leave a lobby i freeze. It's incredibly irritating when you go 45-4 k/d and freeze at the end which causes you to lose those stats. Ps3 version is in a bad need if some serious patching.

  • ettin

    Dont buy the game until they fix the freezing. Can't even play single player

  • ken

    Mine is freezing and so is my brothers copy on both a new ps3 and an old version.

  • MonToya

    This sucks, i only got to play the game once, it freezes in logo also, thats not right, how can they not no about this, dont they test their stuff….refund please

  • Samantha

    i have the same problem with the game it freezes after the kaos logo not good as its only three days old,how can i complain or get any help with this? :

  • Jshr

    I payed 60 bucks to not even play online. This is got to be the worst multiplayer experience I have ever had.

  • XK Evocatus

    My 360 version freezes after the Kaos logo. I hope they fix it soon, I really enjoy the game and cant wait to play it.

  • ShadowmanX5

    This is really irritating, I genuinely enjoy this game!! But the freezing just completely ruins the experience : its FAR too difficult to get an online match without it either freezing or there just not being enough people in the lobby…. so i decided to continue with the campaign the ONE place i thought the game would be fine….oh wait it froze and I now have to start the mission again -_- SERIOUSLY WTF!!!!! I honestly don't understand how this problem did not arise during testing?? Its so obvious! Well i hope it is patched soon because I am looking forward to playing online 🙂

  • alan

    does anybody know when the official update for xbox360 is comming out?

  • damian

    mine freezes after the kaos logo. WHO KNOWS WHEN THE UPDATE FOR HOMEFRONT WILL COME? IF U DO TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elvis mata

    why is this game working it been like 4 days

  • Brandon

    360 logo freezing. whats retarded is that i was able to play until i passed level 30 and now its freezing. so basically i played enough to really want to continue playing but i have to sit and look at my game which i paid $60 for and now i can't play it. does anybody care about the people buying their games? i feel like i wasted my money now. its been over a week and no solution has been proposed

  • Sir Freeze

    We s/b clear that there are TWO major problems being described here.

    1) Been gaming for 20 years and NEVER have I had a worse experience. The screen freezes right after the stupid Kaos Logo. This makes it impossible to play anything – that means no Single Player and no Multi Online. Making matters worse – and that's a mighty difficult task – the freeze is a console freeze. The silver controller button is non-responsive thus requiring that the console be turned off with the face button. I'm sure our durable XBOXs will handle this trauma well.

    2) The second issue is getting into Multi is at times impossible to access <what the heck is a beacon error other than a cryptic Kaos bird flip>

    And no solution in sight…And these folks are in NYC. Expect more from my hometown. Beacon Error right back at you Kaos

  • Disgrunted

    Who's with me on forcing THQ to refund us our money or else boycotting ALL of their future products..

  • maddoggirl

    OMG, I have had every problem you can think of with this game. Not only does it freeze up my entire system. But I have major glitching during the single player mode, and half the time I can't even get into an online match. And I can never get into a game with my friends. I have gotten so frustrated with this game that I went back to playing my frontline game. I'm to the point I don't even want to play it at all. The worst $65 I have ever spent.

  • chris g

    I love the game , other then having to wait for 10-20 mins to play its fun. Also my ps3 freezes during game play and in lobby. I know they are going to have problems at first just hope they sort it out sooner then later because my paitence is wearing thin. Good game just get it together guys.

  • Steven

    Game is great but to log on and see that you have gone from a Maj back down to a Private with all your gear gone is a real bummer. Also, it is hard to log in as everyone has said. They just need to drop their present server host and get a good one like Activision, which Modern Warfare 2 went with..tons play there and have few issues.


    Same here, I am fed up with Homefront,PS3 ..I really like the game, I have had the problem with freezing since day one.I can't get on with my friend it freezes up. I was all the way to level 29 and it froze up and that was it,I lost everything…..For the money we have to pay for these games all of us should be refunded.I know thye don't give money back for games that have been opened so I think THQ should have to refund our money. I tried calling the i-800 number but it rings busy,they probably know people are pissed and are keeping their phones off…Is their a web address just for them that we can complain to them so they can see how many people they have ripped off. They should have checked their game out before releasing it because it really is a great game if it would work

  • nick

    i hav a xbox and the regular gameplay is fine, but as soon as i try toplay online i cant play at all. it says nobody is online a im the only person online in the globe. bullshit. i bought a damn game and cant even play online. yall better fix it or l gone be out alot ofmoney for loosing customers

  • Pizzed off

    I have the 360 version. I deleted everything that had to do with homefront on my hard drive and still no luck. GOD Da** you Kaos screen. I only got to play like 3 F'n times.

  • Matt

    Had the game for a few days worked great, then a few days later, the game will not play,

  • Brian

    I am not having to much trouble playing online by myself, but with friends. Have not been able to play 1 game online with friends. I have 4 friends with this game and cant play with any of them.Even if the game stated it has 9 slots open still cant get in. I have a Xbox360 and have written and email to THQ and Xbox live. If problem does not get better soon, I will get rid of this game.

  • The bossman

    Xbox 360 owner taking my copy back friday if its not resolved and getting crysis 2 sick and tired of not being able 2 play the game Lost faith in thq thats 4 sure

  • manchu022002

    having the same issue here it freezes while waiting in a lobby for other players to join but it only happens on My PS3 slim have to shut all way down to un freeze. I hook up the old style PS3 and it never freezes. Been emailing Play Station cust serv and getting dumb questions asked after I explained it worked on the Old style PS3 but not the Slim Like the lan might not be working correctly which I can play any other game on the slim online and I might have a old software version once again it updates evertime theres a new version avail> Like the game been waiting for it Now such a disappointment i will keep a watch for any type of fix or refund.

  • random dude

    T H Q Realy Needs to get off ther asses and fix these problems mine stops at the kaos logo its pissing me off so fucking fix it

  • chris

    this game is complete bs. i got it earlier today got 1 half game in after that it would never connect and now it wont go past the kaos logo it just freezes what a waste of money nothing but junk

  • Sandro

    Yeah I just got it today for my PS3 and the thing goes to the PRESS START menu with the blindfold after the khaos logo and I click start or x and it pops up like 4 seconds later with you have signed out of the PlayStation(R)Network. Please check your network connection and try again……..

    this really makes me mad because i spent 60 on this instead of getting something else like KZ3 or saving my money for food ha

  • Thq dropped the ball

    If You want to talk to THQ directly, you can call them at their HQ by phone… (818) 871-5000

  • random man

    same problem on 360 stops at the kaos logo or auto save info screen

    • wtkf man

      I got a same problem it freezes after the kaos was burnt i did try it sevral times but dosent work wats thy problem

  • monkey frog

    yea i keep getting an error message, says failed to connect cause of beacon??

    so far in 3 hours if had 1 map online!


  • Bobdike

    Yah ps3 user , wat i figured out so far is that the online stops working around 5pm ish and its almost impossible to get into a match. They better fix this quick.

  • thecaveman25

    ya im haveing the same thang happen but win i put homefront n my ps3 n get to the main menu it freezes so i hope they fix this be 4 i take it back n get my money back

  • StartKaosScreenBlankFreeze

    After 6 days of fairly good Homefront fun, now it wont go beyond the KAOS scree. I took it back to gamestop JUST in case it was the disc, but sadly, its not.

    The problem has SOMETHING to do with my profile. as If i am not logged in, it will go to the Blindfolded Start screen. As soon as I choose my profile… FROZEN..

    and I concur with all of the other issues with finding matches, odd glitches in menu (causing yes, more freezing).

    very disappointed. In a week if these issues arent resolved, I will be returning for another game of equal or lesser value… really dont care which game. just one that works.


    • fozzy

      exact same with me its gettin really annoying if u find a solution if u are on XBL then please message me GT: BzAr TriiCkzZ thanks 🙂

  • bc2gamer

    well this happend same with battlefiled bad company 2 in the beginning of release,gamefreeze,server down,many glitches, mw2 had dozens of glitches gamecheaters etc.
    give the game 3-4 weeks it will improve faster than the competiton..

    • forum

      nothing was wrong with bc2 i had it since the release

  • Treena

    It played fine Fri and Sat. But now I can't get on it after the Kaos logo and just sit looking at a black screen. I have tried several times but no luck….

  • SammyPA

    Multi player is a complete joke. I've had the game on PS3 for 2 days and can't get a game, it just sticks me in the "intermission lobby" and makes me wait. Occasionally when I come out and go back in, it just freezes up and I need to reboot.

    Completely unplayable and unacceptable…..what a pile of poo! I want my money back.

  • Porkypig

    Got Homefront on day of release, freezes ever time trying to ' searching for optimal match', what a waste. Only played it about 10 matches in three days………

  • Rob G

    when I try to find games it shows the "battle points" sequence then I'm left in an empty lobby. then the lobby music strts playing and my controller won't do anything, inlcuding the PS button. It's so frustrating and I haven't been able to play very much online recently. I got the game on it's UK release, hoping for some good play but it only worked for two days before this happened.

  • T Warned

    Had the game for about 3 days. I have been able to play the game (multiplayer mode) 1 time without the game freezing while searching for dedicated servers. So far, a HUGE waste of money.

    • Ronnie

      Same to me. I played only one day, end now, froze, froze!

  • Good grief

    beyond the constant freezing problems you would think they would have put more thought into all aspects of the game. very weak. may have won game of the year if it was on the PS1 platform but by todays standards you have to be kidding me.

  • A-R

    Im a ps3 user and the game froze in the pre game lobby I had to restart my console. Then I started the game and the screen changed from full screen to wide screen I dont know how this happened. They need to fix it ASAP

  • O.s

    I have had the lock out after the Kaos logo now for 2 days and its so annoying. I just want to play it now. HURRY UP WITH FICING IT!!!

  • Keir Stannard

    To say it's annoying is an understatement!! I'm so fed up of it freezing that my PS3 controller has nearly gone through my TV several times! It needs to be sorted quickly or a refund will be coming my way. It freezes when I press online mode.


    Im about to give up trying to get online !! been trying for about 2hrs now and all that happens is my ps3 freezes up on the lobby and you have to turn it off from the button on the front of the ps3 🙁 get it sorted soon guys as like may others I feel a refund coming on !!

  • jimmhy

    I have an XBOX 360 and I played for the first two days, now I am having problems with freezing right after the kaos screen. Not to mention during the first two days it took up to ten minutes just to get into a match. But oh well, I guess it's back to Call of Duty

  • Matt Lyons

    Yep. It started trying to exit a game lobby at the end of a match. I've tried everything to work around this, but can't get past the Kaos Studios logo anymore.

  • Arron

    I first played the game and it worked well, now i cant play the game it crashes at the kaos emblem, the THQ help desk claims its an issue with gamertag problems. which they can give me a time scale of ………………………………….———————— on got any string??

  • TyG

    Mine keeps freezing right after the chaos logo. I think its a problem with my gamertag profile too. It only freezes on mine, but when i log in with a borrowed profile it does just fine

    • Allan

      Same exact issue here. glad to hear im not the only one. Sucks that my roomate can play and i cant. It only does it on my gamer profile. then i have to manually get up and reset my xbox.

    • fozzy

      that happened too me aswell i just cant figure it out

      • gilmore

        its happening to alot of people i have been playing it fine and now it freezes just after kyos screen. if i dont sign in on dash board and what till it asks me to sign in on the game as soon as i try it freezes. if i use an old profile without xbox live it works fine!!!!

  • Klatu Berata Nicto

    I didnt get any freezing on the 360 version, but had a HECK of a time trying to get into a match. I attempted 22 times (no exaggeration, I counted) to find a match, and on the 23rd try I got into one. Funny thing, once I got in it was great. No lag, and quite fun. The ticker said they were "adding servers", funny how every fps game lately NEVER has enough servers off the bat. All that hyping up their game, then they aren't ready when a million people are ready to play? Better not happen with Battlefield 3. GET ON IT DICE!

  • big95776

    they need to fix these problems fast or they just might find themselves in a a real bad place later in time with thier gamers! because im ready to return it for a refund!

  • Jon

    Just rented it on PS3, froze twice in 20 minutes. So irritating. The game is kind of, not right. The text is small, the graphics really take away from the game and the whole time I'm playing, I feel as if I would rather be playing Battlefield BC:2. Game play is alright, but is honestly pretty boring. I feel like I am playing a game that came out 5 years ago. The perks are exactly like MW2, Slight of Hand, Steady Aim, Commando, Danger Close, but of course, are all renamed. It feels like a Counter Strike game, with MW2 perks, all on small Battlefield like maps.The is comparable to Battlefield 1943, meaning it would be a great game for $15, but it is no blockbuster. The worst part is, they could have actually gotten feedback if they would have made a public beta, plus it would have sold more.

  • klatu berata nicto

    This is not an exaggeration, yesterday it took 22 attempts to get into a online match. The issue was so bad, they had a message on the ticker at the main menu which read "having trouble connecting?, try the Skirmish mode while we bring more servers online". I even called the THQ hotline, and got the busy signal. Seriously, how many lines have to be plugged up at a service center to get a busy signal? I would imagine a lot. Apparently, they were not anticipating the massive amount of online players they got. Oddly enough, on attempt 23, I was able to get into a match, and there was no lag at all, AND it was quite fun. Go figure.

  • Janac 3

    I have homefront for PS3, I have experienced the freezing> It's very frustrating because I happen to like this game a lot. I hope they do something quick… It seems to start around 4pm EST last three days. Also I was playing today and noticed my rank is stuck between 20-21 in the "after action report" and I'm rank 41. I just dont understand how all these "bugs" happen. Don't they test this stuff before putting out into stores?

    • pissed off

      I got downranked as well I was at 43. at first it put me at one then Im stuck at 19 with all my new guns taken.

    • 60bucks46Minutes

      Same here–freezes when trying to load into maps or pickup server. What a mess, cuz its not a bad game. Just have to get off their asses and find a fix for an update to download. Good grief.