Homefront 2: Details On Next Release

By Chris Cook - Mar 17, 2011

As some of you may already know this week marked the release of Homefront in the U.S. we have been providing you with news of the game since then from review round ups to problems that have been discovered. Now we have new of details about Homefront 2.

That’s right only a few days since the release of Homefront and already we’re talking about a sequel. The news comes from an article by Stephany Nunneley at VG24/7 who explains how David Votypka of Kaos revealed details about the length of the campaign in Homefront 2.

He is reported to have said the next game will have a longer single-player portion than the current game’s five hour campaign as long as it doesn’t affect the multiplayer portion. He says ‘it’s a balance really.’

More can be read in the full article by clicking the link above where Votypka also mentions making the multiplayer portion deeper.

The game is due out tomorrow in the UK. What do you think of the talks of Homefront 2? What other features would you like to see on the next game? Let us know in the comments below.

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