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Hoard for PC and Mac: Steam Version Gets Release Date / Price

We have some really exciting news now for all you PC and Mac owners that enjoy playing action-strategy video games, as Big Sandwich Games has just announced the release date and price of the Steam version of its popular dragon strategy arcade title Hoard.

As Wesley Yin-Poole over at recently reported, Steam Hoard will be available to purhcase for the PC and Mac on April 4th, for a cost of $9.99. However, a limited period ‘Fire Sale’ discount of 25% will be available for pre-sales as from March 21st.

Just like the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable version, the Steam edition will feature four modes, more than 35 levels, 4-player co-op, competitive multiplayer and leaderboards. The PC and Mac version will also come with a few extra features that are not found in the console version.

This includes a brand new Night Mode, new maps, a Winter tile set and more than a hundred Steam achievements. The Hoard game – first released as a download in the US via the PlayStation Network – will also feature Steam Play, which enables cross-platform play between the PC and Mac.

Have you already played the Hoard game on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable? If so, would you consider downloading it for PC or Mac?



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