Apple iPhone Vs. Android: Internet browser brawl

By Chris Cook - Mar 17, 2011

When it comes to mobile internet browsing, most smartphone devices are pretty good with uploading sites near enough instantly nowadays. This means that a lot of people are taking advantage of web browsing from their device more often, so they will tend look for the device that provides the fastest speeds. So which device is it?

In a recent test by Blaze the website optimization firm, they claim that Android devices perform 52% faster than then the Apple iPhone in 84% of sites. This is despite Apple’s new iOS 4.3 which brings the Nitro Java-Script engine to the iPads and iPhones.

In order to get these results Blaze used a custom made browser wrapper app that times loading speeds on a thousand different sites that were loaded on the Samsung Galaxy S, Nexus S and iPhone 4. The figures were based on median loading times across the pages which were 2.1 seconds on Android and 3.2 seconds on the iPhone.

More details of what was found can be read in the article by Dave Horne at Blaze. What do you think of these findings? Do they surprise you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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