Where did Microsoft’s Zune go wrong?

By Alan Ng - Mar 16, 2011

If you currently own a Microsoft Zune or Zune HD player, you’re likely to be pretty disappointed over reports on the internet suggesting that Microsoft has decided to kill off future new Zune hardware in favor of focusing on the Zune software side of things.

Microsoft are yet to officially confirm the news, but after Bloomberg wrote their piece on it, pretty much every tech website and blog has has their say on it already. There’s obviously a lot of speculation going around that Apple’s iPod is the sole reason that the Zune Player has met it’s untimely death, while we’ve also read some user feedback stating that Zune isn’t dead – it’s just been transformed into Windows Phone 7.

One thing we can all agree on though, is that sales and popularity of the device aren’t as high as Microsoft had hoped, and if thats the case, then why continue to waste money on hardware that is going to end up costing more money than making a profit. According to the LATimes, the Zune HD player wasn’t even ranked in the top five portable music and video players, with the iPod enjoying 77% of all sales in 2010.

If the news turns out to be true and the Zune HD does appear to be the last Zune player that Microsoft bring out, what are your thoughts on this? Where do you think Zune went wrong? Is it an evident message that the iPod simply can’t be beaten, or do you think there are other areas in which Microsoft failed. Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • John D

    Bottom line, Microsoft is lazy. I absolutely LOVE my Zune HD but when I opened the box, I said: “Where is the hole for the strap?” When I take it outside, I just drop it in my pocket and HOPE that it doesn’t fall out!? When I check my email, it says to upgrade my browser. It’s running a version of IE6 CE. Why does microsoft ALWAYS let Apple take the lead? Come on people, you’re making good money, Go get Apple! I bought a Zune pass only to find out that there are NO NEW APPS! You’re going to lose the battle unless you don’t care if you’re number 2!

  • Allan

    I bought a zune because of the FM radio, which I use every day to listen to NPR. If they’re not doing anything interesting, I listen to podcasts that I’ve stored on the device ahead of time. I never buy music from Microsoft because their website uses Monopoly money instead of U.S. dollars. The Zunes are great devices but doing business with Microsoft is just an annoying experience. Their phones are going to fail for the same reason.

    • Ara

      I bought a Zune because of the FM radio also. I wish that Zune offered live steaming and podcast download directly from device. I don't like ipod for two reasons lack of FM radio which I use it for NPR & DRM (itune sucks) too much manipulation.