Verizon Release HTC Thunderbolt Manual

By Alan Ng - Mar 16, 2011

Following on from the official announcement by Verizon yesterday about the HTC Thunderbolt finally landing on March 17th, we now have an extra treat for you. The official user manual for the device has been uploaded online, giving you a full preview of what to expect from the phone.

Just to remind you, the Thunderbolt will officially be Verizon’s first 4G LTE handset to release, allowing users to enjoy much faster data speeds than they’d usually get on their standard CDMA 3G network.

As for the manual, you can view and download it over at Android Central here, it has been provided by forum member Cory Streater. It’s 339 pages long and there’s also color diagrams of the Thunderbolt on certain sections of the manual like navigating through the User Interface.

The manual also reserves a few pages for guidance on how to set up your Thunderbolt with Facebook and Twitter features. The Facebook app will be built into HTC Sense, while you can use an app called ‘Peep’ to get your daily Twitter fix.

If you are planning to get a Thunderbolt on Thursday or over the weekend, it’s pretty much essential that you take a look at this user guide to learn more information about the handset before you buy it.

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