Star Wars The Old Republic: New Gameplay and Release Date Update

By Alan Ng - Mar 16, 2011

We have some good news for those of you who are patiently waiting for Star Wars: The Old Republic to release on PC, as some new gameplay videos for the title has emerged, taken from the recent PAX East event.

The gameplay is over 5 minutes long, and gives you a look at how the game is shaping up so far but it is due to release later on this year. We’ve all seen those stunning CGI videos of the game, but this time we see some actual gameplay footage – and the graphics are looking pretty slick we have to admit.

The video quality isn’t perfect, but this will be the first gameplay footage you’ve seen of the game in a while, so enjoy it while it is still online since it wasn’t officially provided by Bioware, just in case it gets removed in a few hours.

As for a release, we’ve heard via that the game won’t be out until July at the earliest, and could even be out during the latter months of 2011, hopefully that won’t be the case though. It seems like this game has been in development for an eternity, but judging by the footage below – it’s well worth waiting for.

Are you looking forward to The Old Republic?

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  • Killilluminati

    Graphics look better but looks laggy as hell and this is at an event with the best Pc's doesn't bode well.

  • Cyrogosic

    the more the wait the better the game is i always say, if i have to wait then so be it i dont care as long it doesnt come around to 2012 because by then people will forget about it and there would be an even better game it has happened and disappointed alot of gamers out there!