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SOCOM 4: Beta Gameplay Surprises with Solid Graphics

We have a treat for SOCOM fans now, as we’ve found a lengthy gameplay video showing footage of the SOCOM 4 multiplayer closed beta which is ongoing exclusively on the PS3. If you previously weren’t interested in the game, this video we have will probably change your mind.

The game isn’t due out until April 19th in the US, April 22nd in the UK, but there is a beta ongoing now that will run until April 13th. If you’re in the US, you can get into the beta with special copies of Killzone 3 or if you’re a PlayStation Plus user, but in the UK, only a PSN+ subscription will get you in.

With that said and done, let us tell you how impressed we are with the graphics featured in the game. We admit, we weren’t too impressed when Sony was showing off the game with PlayStation Move all those months ago, but we’re pleased to say that SOCOM 4 may be a surprise package this year for PS3 owners.

The video is over one hour in length, but you’ll want to skip to around 38 minutes for when the gameplay starts. A big thanks goes to Kueef for providing this video for us, hopefully it won’t get taken down soon so you can all enjoy it.

Are you impressed with the graphics for SOCOM 4 seen in the beta? Let us know if this has changed your mind on whether to pick up the game or not.


  • Ted

    where is the video link?

  • Luckily for you i have played both so wont give a biased opinion, it really depends, for story definitely´╗┐ mgs, it has many hours of gameplay and the graphics are far above amazing, online is closer but i would still give it to mgs because the maps and team play are more enjoyable ­čÖé


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