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Prey 2 Debut Trailer Extremely Dramatic

In a post earlier this week we told you that Prey 2 had been announced for a 2012 release date, today we can tell you that a trailer has been released, we have embedded this trailer at the end of this post.

When we first saw the trailer it seemed interesting that the developers wanted to go for a real-life air scene with real actors in favor of the animated trailers that games normally recieve. Why they have done this we can not confirm however it makes for an interesting watch.

The trailer does not give too much away about the story of the game despite its tense build up to a dramatic climax, however we can see right at the end that there is the sphere which is recognisable from the previous game and then the image of the airplane about to be consumed by it, perhaps this will have a lot to do with the upcoming game’s story.

Prey 2 already has a Facebook page which can be liked by checking out this link. The page also shows the trailer and a promo image used for the game. But before you run off to like the Facebook page, tell us your thoughts on the trailer.



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