Nintendo Wii 2 reveal in June: Console Set to debut at E3 2011

By Chris Cook - Mar 16, 2011

With the recent release of the Nintendo 3DS a lot of the attention that has been going the company’s way has revolved around their portable games console. We have some news however that involves talks of a possible new version to their Wii console.

As we previously brought to your attention how essential it is that Nintendo bring out a next generation console in order to compete with other similar console manufacturers in the market, we can now reveal that a Wii 2 is set to debut later this year at E3 2011 in June.

This is according to EA Games Frank Gibeau who suggested to IndustryGamers that the company ‘is coming back with a second act.’ He insists Nintendo are not stupid and are aware of the decline in sales their console has so will inevitably bring out a new model this year.

The company is yet to reveal any specs about a so called Wii 2 and have talked down rumors of a Wii replacement despite what Gibeau is suggesting. You can read full details about what else was said by clicking the link above.

What do you think of these suggestions? Will we be seeing a Wii 2 this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • bobo

    Seeing as they specifically said no time soon I don't think the wii 2 is likely, especially after asking people to buy a 3ds. Yes I know one is a hand held but with its cost people can't afford to buy wii 2 in a years time especially in this economical climate it just wouldn't be practical for the average Joe.

  • Victoria

    No i don't think they will be releasing a new console now, the reason being is because there's a lot of economic problems right now in japan with things such as the earthquake, tsunami and not to mention there nuclear plant, which could turn in to a melt down ! If the plant gets worse most of the country might have to evacuate including Kyoto, Japan, which is were Nintendo INC is located. It all depends on their economy. Honestly if it gets nuclear radiation gets worse enough, the whole island might be affected, which will hurt our technological economy! that's were all our stuff comes from!!!

    • brendan

      1. nintendo would not be affected majorly by this
      2. radiation does not spread that easily, there is no chance that the radiation would spread accross the whole island, e.g chenobyl did not spread anyway near the size of japan, another example would be hiroshima and nagasaski, they were in japan and also no where near the size of the island was affected, and that was ment to cause intentional damage.
      dont take this the wrong way, just ppl need to know the facts, also im very sorry for whats happened in japan.

      • justsomewalker

        i agree but i also dont think that nintendo will resease a console this year.i think that the wii 2 will be anounced early next also think that for the wii 2 to be a good console it will have to be a mix of the kenect and the original wii

    • Ben

      I’d hate to burst your excellent thinking bubble Victoria, but the Japanese are however, COMPLETELY safe from the radiation. It’s only possible that a VERY, I mean VERY small amount has escaped from the plant. Real radiation workers at the plant have announced it is all under control. If you hear someone on TODAY or CNN proclaim the radiation is a crisis they are only over exagerating like the news reporters are paid to do(by their employers). The people living next to the plant have only a 1 and 100 chance of being exposed to the radiation. All survivors will be okay. Nintendo of Japan hasn’t had a problem with the earthquake, tsunami, or the radiation and has most likely finished the console and has only yet to finish the publicity work by designing the packaging, posters, and deciding what to announce when. They will also need to have the console’s design perfected and have it manufactured and shipped, so the console is likely to come and quickly.

      • Ben

        “Yes, yes. Thank you Ben.”

        Ben: All right, back to you Merideth.

  • illerthanthou

    I don't even own a Wii anymore since the PS3 Move came out!