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MLB 2K11 Review: Lacks Polish

Last week we published an article linking you to a collection of MLB 2K11: The Show gameplay videos, the videos looked pretty impressive, however OperationSports recently reviewed the game and weren’t as impressed as we thought they would be.

You can see the fully detailed OperationSports review here, in our article we will raise some of the main points raised, however we highly recommend the full review for any of you who are considering purchasing the game.

Let’s start with some of the good points, firstly the game’s presentation, gameplay and My Player mode are great, compared to the last game there is more hit variety and a revamped fielding system, also the pitching system is still unrivalled. Online play is said to be better than offline and it is relatively lag free. Finally commentary and statistical overlays are superb.

The biggest let downs seems to be the game’s graphics and AI, animations are said to be unrealistic and sometimes fielders run through objects to make catches, also CPU AI is sometimes questionable. OperationSports’ reviewer suggests that players look nothing like the real thing, also their stances are incorrect.

All in all if you just concentrate on gameplay MLB 2K11 is great, however if the game’s developers had polished the graphics a little the game would have been much better, OperationSport score MLB 2K11 7.0/10, do you agree with this score? Let us know in the comments section below.


  • justsomewalker

    just another example of a rushed game for profit


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