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iPad 2, the Augmented Reality giant with apps

Since we were first shown the new iPad it has come in for much praise. But the device could add some more strings to its bow thanks to its weight, large screen and position of the two cameras, as it could be perfect for Augmented Reality apps.

Kit Eaton over at Fast Company is reporting that Augmented Reality applications have grown in popularity on smartphones using the handsets rear cameras, but now tablets have these too. With the new iPad some AR apps have already started to become available for it.

One problem with this kind of application is that the user needs to hold the device up in front of their field of vision, which can become tiring if done for any amount of time. But with tablets this can be worse due to their size and weight. Tablets do have their advantages though as the bigger screens are better for providing rich media content.

This is where the iPad 2 comes in with its new design meaning it is now lighter and easier to hold and use. Now being more powerful and with its graphics capabilities developers now have a lot to work with, when designing AR applications. See an AR application in action below on the iPad 2.



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