HTC Thunderbolt Accessories: 2750 mAh Battery, Dock, Charger Prices

By Alan Ng - Mar 16, 2011

Earlier on we just gave you a link to download the official user manual for the HTC Thunderbolt handset, but now we have juicy information on some of the official accessories that will be available for the device on or after launch, i.e March 17th.

This is not just a single accessory that we’re talking about either, as Phandroid has managed to get hold of images which reveal a multimedia dock, an extended battery and also a battery door as well for wireless charging.

While the pictures up at Phandroid are useful, the real information here is the included prices with the accessories as well. The 2750 mAh extended battery will be priced at $50 – the battery shipped with the Thunderbolt is only a 1400 mAh just to let you know so it should offer you a good few hours more of voice and multimedia usage.

As for the multimedia dock, it will be available for $59.99 and it will switch your device to landscape mode whilst charging it at the same time. There’s also an extra port on there which could be a 3.5mm jack or a HDMI port – maybe even both.

The battery door will be priced at $39.99 and it will give you the ability to charge a battery wirelessly, which will probably end up being pretty useful we imagine. Check out the images over at Phandroid. We’ll be bringing you further details on these accessories as we get them.

Which one appeals to you the most? The multimedia dock is obviously more expensive, but we say the 2750 mAh battery is the most appealing, although you may not be too happy about paying $50 for one.

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  • Brian

    I just read an article saying how the 1400 mAh only got 3 hours of average to heavy use. My plan is now to get the TBolt on Amazon for $180, then get the extended battery. The total price will still be less than purchasing in person.

  • Andrew Hoffman

    Look it's not a problem-you just drop hints around the place @ Xmas and you. Birthday and after 2-3 years you have the whole package plus what you buy yourself every now and then.