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Driver: Renegade – Nintendo 3DS Game Gets Screenshots / Details

We have a bit of a treat now for those of you that enjoy playing racing-style games and are thinking of buying the much awaited Nintendo 3DS, as we have just received word that some new screenshots and details have just been revealed for the upcoming Driver: Renegade 3D game.

According to a recent article by James over at, the developer Ubisoft has described Driver: Renegade as the very first urban driving game for the Nintendo 3DS. Players are tasked with driving recklessly, performing jumps to fill their Rage bar and taking down the enemy vehicles.

Although the game only has a total of 20 story-based missions that are set between Driver 1 & 2 in the timeline, Driver: Renegade 3D does boast 50 cars and 70 additional challenges across 7 different modes. Ubisoft has only named 3 of the 7 modes: Road War, Time Attack and Elimination.

As James recently noted, the visuals are looking pretty impressive and the game does have some great reflection and lighting effects, although it is let down by its draw distance. You can view the new screenshots over on the website.

If you’re thinking of buying the Nintendo 3DS, is the Driver: Renegade game a title you would consider purchasing?



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