AMD CrossFire Vs. NVIDIA SLI: Battle of the Triple GPUs

By Chris Cook - Mar 16, 2011

When a hardware manufacturer outs its latest product, it’s often found to be contending directly with a competitor bringing out a similar type of hardware. This is the case between the two manufacturers AMD and NVIDIA. Both have triple-GPUs that are being compared in order to establish which is best.

Having previously brought you reviews of each, the GeForce GTX 570 and the Radeon HD 6950, we can now provide you with a comparison thanks to an article by Thomas Soderstrom at Tom’s Hardware.

According to that article the two companies would wait to see what the other has to offer before introducing their product days later once it’s been tweaked and configured as much as it can to better the other.

The article explains that when comparing which GPU card is best it’s hard to answer directly, a number of other factors must be addressed before a comparison can be made. This is why using the cards in trios is best for discovering true performance.

Check out which came out on top in terms of price, efficiency and performance by reading the full article at the link above. What do you think of this comparison? Which card do you prefer? Let us know down below.

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