24-Hours Before HTC Thunderbolt Release Date, NTK

By Jamie Pert - Mar 16, 2011

With the journey to the HTC Thunderbolt release date being an eventful one, we thought it was about time that a recap of that journey was in order. In around 24-hours the big day will come, and some people will be doing all they can to get their hands on the new 4G phone.

The first time we ever mentioned the HTC Thunderbolt was on December 28, 2010, here we spoke about the smartphone’s CES 2011 reveal and asked you whether you wanted it to be called the HTC Thunderbolt or the HTC Incredible HD, our reader’s preferred the Thunderbolt name.

Over the next week or so more HTC Thunderbolt details were revealed, we got to see the first-ever photo of the Thunderbolt, a Verizon advert confirming it was coming to “Big Red” and we also heard how it would feature an 8 megapixel camera and a front-facing camera for video chat.

Since then we have published dozens of posts talking about release dates, accessories, benchmark scores and battery life, battery life was one of the biggest things we wrote about as this was what was rumored to be delaying its release, however yesterday we finally officially confirmed the HTC Thunderbolt release date, to recap the whole HTC Thunderbolt journey check out this link.

Now that the HTC Thunderbolt is just one day away we thought we would provide you with some important and useful links, firstly if you are still not convinced by the HTC Thunderbolt check out the official overview and specifications, secondly once convinced buy your device at Best Buy, thirdly follow Verizon on Twitter or like their Facebook page for all of the latest news, finally check out the Thunderbolt page on HTC Forums which will undoubtedly be a very useful resource once you start using your HTC Thunderbolt.

Do you think the HTC Thunderbolt will live up the hype?

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  • Norbert Q Dingle

    These jackasses are several days late and more than a dollar short on their information. Wirefly.com is selling the Thunderbolt the cheapest at $199. Best buy has them for $249. Do the math.

    The Verizon stores are each stocking about 200 units of these for the same price as Best Buy (with a 2 year contract).

    The release date of the Thunderbolt has been public since this Monday and it seems to me like these goofballs are lost!

  • john doe

    Why should we purchase it at Best Buy??